Parents' Choice Gold Award

Can Cockatoos Count By Twos?
Songs for Learning Through Music and Movement
Hap Palmer, Hap-Pal Music HP109E
Ages 2-5

Music educator Hap Palmer scores an A-plus for another super collection of songs filled with imaginative lessons in rhythm, rhyme, and telling time ("Jolly Clock"), multiplying by two's (the title song), mixing colors ("Colors in Motion"), and opposites ("What's Bigger Than a Bear?"). In "Betty Beep," a little girl tries to get to sleep by counting sheep at bedtime but finds herself wakefully counting a puppy's barks, a cat's meows, a baby's cries, and more night-time sounds; listeners can add up the sounds as they listen. "Months on the Move" identifies the months of the year with playful alliteration: "January jiggles like a juggler in the cold"…. "December does a dainty dance…" Lyrics are included and so are a wealth of activity instructions for teachers and parents. (Lynne Heffley 2001 Parents' Choice)

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