Parents' Choice Gold Award
Summer - 2002

One Little Sound
Fun with Phonics and Numbers
Hap Palmer, Hap-Pal Music HP112
Ages 5-8

Hap Palmer's newest educational songfest is a delight, as pleasing to adult ears for its superior vocals and well-produced instrumentals as it is sing-along fun for children.

Palmer makes the concept of syllables easy to understand by asking listeners to divide words into "chunks" in "Chickadee And Chipmunk." He invites them to discover a "Secret Word" by sounding out letter sounds, "Bounces" them through initial consonants, and offers playful musical guidance through vowel sounds, the alphabet, consonant blends, alliteration, simple math, the concept of zero and more. This veteran educator's mellow voice, tuneful music and terrific sense of rhythm make learning a festive occasion. Instrumental versions of each song make up the last part of the release for sing-along, move along activities. The CD and cassette versions include lyrics and a detailed activity guide. (Lynne Heffley 2002 Parents' Choice)

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