Baby Songs Original - Soundtrack

This is the audio soundtrack to the popular Fox Home Entertainment DVD, Baby Songs Original, that Parents' Choice calls, "...a tried and true kid-vid classic," and the Los Angeles Times calls, "Absolutely top-notch...a treat for the pre-school set." Now you can sing along in the car or with your portable MP3 music player. Available only as a digital download from CD Freedom and CD Baby.

Available as MP3 Download Only

Product Number: HP786

Cover - We're On Our Way
1. Baby Song Theme
2. Piggy Toes
3. Shout And Whisper
4. Share
5. Mommy Come Back
6. Baby's Good Doggy
7. Rolling
8. Security / Don't Wash My Blanket
9.  Rub A Dub
10. Today I Took My Diapers Off
11. So Big
12. Walking
13. The Hammer Song
14. Daddy Be A Horsie
15. Big Things Come From Little Things You Do
16. Touch Your Toes To Your Nose
17. Sittin' In A High Chair
18. Just Fun
19. Family Harmony
20. So Happy You're Here