Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?

Songs for Learning Through Music and Movement

Young children learn best by doing and Hap Palmer’s songs invite active involvement in mastering a wealth of vocabulary. Music, movement and social interaction come together in a joyous celebration of learning. Subjects include colors, number, letters, phonics, days of the week, animals, opposites, occupations and body awareness. Ages 3-7

Product Number: HP103E


American Library Association Best of the Best for Children
A gleeful children's chorus joins Hap Palmer in songs of early education -- letters, numbers, phonics, days of the week, colors, animals, and more. Palmer is a singer and producer whose work belongs on everyone's shelves.
With a grandfatherly voice reminiscent of Burl Ives, Hap Palmer delivers another musical collection of healthful lessons geared toward the preschool set. The title song in this case refers lightheartedly to a question posed to the child participant in a lesson in distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Other songs focus on such topics as the recognition of colors, learning the days of the week, and understanding the concept of opposites. Engaging the child in participatory song and movement, Palmer's tranquil collection strives to teach, entertain, and occupy simultaneously. The liner notes include the lyrics and activity objectives for each song, which is helpful for a parent or preschool teacher when guiding children through the music. -- Bryony Angell

One of the best CDs in our child's collection. Hap is really a marvelous musician and lyricist. His word play is very fun for the kids and very singable for the adults. I recommend him highly for any children under 5 or 6 but especially for those who are looking stretch from the nursery rhymes and first songs style collections. Simple, yet very powerful learning is going on daughter really, really tunes in to this CD...I'm sure yours will too. Stand out for my daughter are the Weekly Rap...she likes it when they go really fast at the end...”Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?” and the Animal Quizes .. and her latest fav is the Opposites song. My fav is “Pocket Full of Bs”...which I find myself sometimes playing when the kids are not in the car! Egads! -- J. R. Jenkins

Cover - Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?
1. Let’s All Clap Our Hands
2. Put A Little Color On You
3. Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?
4. Weekly Rap
5. Bean Bag Alphabet Rag
6. Animal Quiz Part One
7. Animal Quiz Part Two
8. Parade Of Colors
9. Pocket Full Of Bs
10. Following You
11. Everyone Can Be A Helper
12. Say The Opposite
13. Stepping Out On The Town
14. Put A Little Color On You
(Extended response time)
15. Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?
16. Pocket Full Of Bs
17. Say The Opposite
(Extended response time)