Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet?

Songs for Learning Through Music and Movement

Young children learn best by doing. These songs invite active involvement in developing vocabulary and mastering a wealth of skills and concepts. The joy of moving generates enthusiasm to learn about numbers, shapes, letters, phonics, creative problem solving and cultural diversity.

A complete guide is included which contains song lyrics and suggested ways of presenting activities to the students along with variations and follow up activities to make learning stimulating, challenging and fun! Ages 3-7

Product Number: HP110E


• Parents' Choice Gold Award
• Early Childhood New Directors' Choice Award
• National Parenting Publications Gold Award
• Parents' Guide Children's Media Award


School Library Journal
PreS-Gr3 – Hap Palmer’s latest release features fun and lively tunes that will have kids moving and learning. There are 25 songs, including three sing-along background tracks. This revised edition features six songs that were not included on the previous album such as two bean bag activity songs: “Sharing The Bean Bag” and “What Could A Bean Bag Be?” Also featured here for the first time are “Please And Thank You, Parts 1 And 2” which help familiarize children with ways to make requests and show gratitude in various languages such as Cantonese and Russian. There’s also a new version of Palmer’s adaptation of the classic tune, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” which teaches the concepts of “more” and “less.” There’s a version of this tune for preschoolers and kindergartners and another one for youngsters is grades one through three. Among the songs from the previous version are “Round The World With Ways to Say Hello? and “Good-Bye My Friends” which teach listeners how to say “hello” and “good-bye” in many different languages. Many of the songs would be welcome additions at story time. Public and school libraries would be well served by this title. -- Maren Ostergard

Parents' Choice
Parents' Choice has chosen the best 25 children's albums of the past 25 years. Hap Palmer's Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet is number three the list!

Hap Palmer delivers another winning recording that successfully combines music, movement, and other activities in the learning process. From the 16 short songs, children can learn numbers and phonics, identify tools and utensils, and discern the difference between fantasy and reality, among other concepts. Background instrumentation is effective, nicely supplementing the clear vocals. Lyrics and suggested activities are included in the guide, as is a list of the skills and concepts presented. Because each song deals with multiple concepts, it may be possible to use the music throughout the school year without repeating a single concept. Adult guidance is required. -- Cynthia Alexa

Family Fun Magazine
Fun and learning are so thoroughly, agreeably entwined on this new offering from Babysongs creator Hap Palmer that your preschoolers won't be able to tell which is which. Seasoned pro Palmer, who helped pioneer the use of music and movement in teaching basic skills, covers all the bases. There are songs dealing with letters, numbers, shapes, body parts, even "relating spatial concepts to basic fractions" - not to mention learning "hello" and "goodbye" in a dazzling array of languages (try Yoruba, Macedonian, and Cantonese). Palmer gets tots moving, too, with sprightly, beautifully produced tunes such as "The Bean Bag" and "Boogie Down And Cruise." His amiable, I'm-your- buddy vocals suit these stylistically varied offerings wonderfully, making him, without a doubt, an essential component of the family music library." -- Moira McCormic
Hap Palmer is a master of entertaining and teaching children with music. Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet? overflows with fun songs that will have your child dancing along while he or she encounters themes such as vocabulary, shape recognition, problem solving, spatial awareness, numbers, and cultural diversity. Included in the liner notes is an extensive teaching guide, which lists skills and concepts, vocabulary, lyrics, suggested activities, variations, and follow-up questions for each song. These notes are a great resource for daycare or school instructors as well as parents, and, when implemented in moderation, can add another dimension to the listening experience. Palmer's original songs are diverse in style and are accompanied by strings, percussion, woodwinds, keyboard, vocalists, and even a children's chorus. -- Tami Horiuchi

Cover - Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet?
1. ‘Round The World With
Ways To Say Hello
2. Alphabet In Motion
3. What Could You Use?
4. Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet?
5. The Shapes That Surround You
6. Jig Along Shapes
7. Everybody Dance
8. Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Basic
9. Please And Thank You - Part I
10. Letters In The Blender
11. Boogie Down And Cruise
12. The Bean Bag
13. What Could A Bean Bag Be?
14. Tug-A-Tug To Twenty Two
15. Fun With The Rhyme Time Band
16. Action Fraction
17. Sharing The Bean Bag
18. The Compost Bin
19. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
- Advanced
20. Please And Thank You - Part II
21. Motion Memory Good-Bye Game
22. Good-Bye My Friends
23. ’Round The World With
Ways To Say Hello
(Sing-a-long track)
24. Compost Bin
(Sing-a-long track)
25. Good-Bye My Friends
(Sing-a-long track)