Baby Songs - ABC, 123, Colors & Shapes

Featuring the Songs of Hap Palmer

Hap Palmer has pioneered the technique of integrating music and movement in the area of early childhood education. These fun, live-action songs with colorful animated introductions will entertain children for hours and introduce basic skills such as recognition of letters, colors, shapes and number concepts.

DVD includes the following bonus features: Hap Palmer featurette, printable coloring pages, song lyrics and continuous play for each song and for the entire program. This DVD runs 50 minutes.
Ages 2-6.

Product Number: DVD HP868


Parents' Choice Gold Award
Use this video as the yardstick against which a flooded field of mediocre preschool videos should be measured. Basic learning skills are introduced in an environment of pleasurable songs and colorful visuals. A steady diet of Hap Palmer, the expert on preschool learning through music and movement, is highly recommended. -- Yvonne Coleman
Don't be concerned that this video doesn't have familiar characters on the cover (no purple dinos, no brightly colored space alien babies). This proven series of colorful musical videos is a winner, and the latest, Baby Songs ABC, 123 is no exception. Designed for toddlers to 2 to 6-year-olds, this video combines color and movement--and, importantly, other children -- to help young viewers remember their numbers and the alphabet. Children's music writer Hap Palmer has provided songs that are genuinely catchy and, like the classic "ABC" song, which helped nearly every English-speaking child learn the alphabet, kids are learning as they're singing. Palmer specializes in purposeful but engaging rhyme and alliteration to encourage kids to sing along, sing on their own, and prepare for reading skills. Mostly nonprecocious children highlight each segment, often dressed alike in brightly colored garb. Featured songs include "Alphabet In Motion," "Tap Your Sticks," "Shapes That Surround You,"Colors In Motion," "We Are All Alike”, “Bean Bag Alphabet Rag" (which also helps kids identify body parts), "Jig Along Shapes,” and "Numbers Can Tell About You." -- N.F. Mendoza

1. Baby Songs Theme
2. Alphabet In Motion
3. Tap Your Sticks
4. Shapes That Surround You
5. Colors In Motion
6. We Are All Alike
7. Bean Bag Alphabet Rag
8. Jig Along Shapes
9. Numbers Can Tell About You
10. We’re On Our Way
11. Betty Beep
12. Parade Of Colors
13. Weekly Rap
14. Homemade Band
15. Bean Bag Shake
16. Rhyme Time Band
17. Five Little Monkeys
18. Let’s All Clap Our Hands Together