Baby Songs - Animals

Featuring the Songs of Hap Palmer

Take an adventure ride to where the animals reside with 9 fun-filled songs from music legend, Hap Palmer. Scenes of cuddly, cute animals interacting with children at places like the zoo, the farm, pet stores and more will inspire children everywhere to get up and move. Kids will sing, dance and laugh their way through these happy, lively songs featuring all their favorite animals from kittens and cows, to bears, monkeys and more! Ages 1-6.

Product Number: DVD HP980


Parents' Choice Gold Award
Children and animals are a winning mix, and Hap Palmer is the "king" of the mixers! In this video, part of a high quality series, he chooses songs of his own creation, a few traditional tunes, and combines them with lively clips of small tykes and their favorite animals. We visit the zoo, the pet store, the farm, and the interactions are enchanting. This production will always be in, on or near the VCR. -- Yvonne Coleman
Children's songwriter Hap Palmer mixes kids and animals in this 26-minute installment of the award-winning Baby Songs series. His bouncy variations on the classics ("Old MacDonald's Farm," "Bingo," "Itsy Bitsy Spider") and his toe-tapping originals will get children ages 1-6 off the couch and on their feet. Nine music videos feature real-looking kids of both genders and all ethnicities imitating elephants, eagles, and kangaroos ("Elephant," "I'm Glad I'm Me") as well as traditional farm animals. In "Baby Chickie," children dress as mom and baby chickens to act out the hatching of the egg, juxtaposed with footage of the real thing. Next, a family sees for themselves "What's Bigger Than A Bear?" at the Los Angeles Zoo. Finally, Palmer brings the circle of life back home with "My Baby," in which a big sister practices on her doll what she learns from Mom and newborn sibling. -- Kimberly Heinrichs

1. Baby Songs Theme
2. Old MacDonald’s Farm
3. What’s Bigger Than A Bear?
4. Elephant
5. Sammy/I’m Glad I’m Me
6. Amazing
7. Bingo
8. Itsy Bitsy Spider
9. Baby Chickie
10. My Baby