Baby Songs - Baby's Busy Day

Featuring the Songs of Hap Palmer

It’s a bright new world of sights and sounds with these delightful songs written and sung by Hap Palmer. Infants and toddlers will be captivated by these happy songs that celebrate the joys of a child's everyday world and delight in silly fun and the wonder of life. Great music videos feature live action shots of toddlers getting up, eating, dressing, and doing everyone’s favorite activity . . . playing!

DVD includes the following bonus features: Hap Palmer featurette, printable coloring pages, song lyrics and continuous play for each song and for the entire program. This DVD runs 50 minutes.
Ages 1-6.

Product Number: DVD HP864

Some viewers may remember this set of 10 kid music videos as Even More Baby Songs. The title may have changed, but the whimsically catchy songs from noted children's songsmith Hap Palmer remain. From "Getting Up Time" (farm animals and baby awake making their natural noises, and preschoolers imitate their cries.) to "Goodnight Story Time" (an ode to such storybook favorites as Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild Things Are), the half-hour tape follows the day of a young child. "I Can Put My Clothes On by Myself" is a celebration of the fashion mistakes that can occur when youthful independence is encouraged, while "Finger Foods" is a how-not-to of high- chair etiquette. The most rousing song, "What a Miracle," is a grand sing-along on a farm, with Hap himself at the guitar and an audience of parents and children who act out the lyrics. This video won't change your family's life, but it may inspire a round of intergenerational hide-'n'-go-seek or convince parents to let the kids and the dog take a bath (outside) together. And these are good things. -- Kimberly Heinrichs

From Parents' Choice
Infants and toddlers are fascinated with each other. Using this winning formula, Hap Palmer once again provides happy songs and happy children making their way through a typical day of eating, dressing, and a variety of playing activities. No one gets the "Wash Rag Blues" in this age-appropriate video. -- Parents' Choice Gold Award

1. Baby Songs Theme
2. Getting Up Time
3. I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself
4. Teddy Bear
5. What A Miracle
6. Raggedy Rag Doll Friend
7. Baby’s First
8. Finger Foods
9. Peek-A-Boo
10. Wash Rag Blues
11. Goodnight Story Time
12. Sitting In A High Chair
13. Tickly Toddle
14. Things We Like To Do
15. Put Your Hands Up In The Air
16. Growing
17. The Mice Go Marching
18. You Can Do It