Baby Songs - Good Night

Featuring the Songs of Hap Palmer

These sweet, gentle tunes create a loving environment in which children can sing together, play quietly or peacefully drift off to sleep. The creators of BABY SONGS bring you new lullabies by the Parents’ Choice winner, Hap Palmer. You and your children will be fascinated by this mixture of sounds, rhythms, animation and live-action toddler shots which provide a peaceful transition between play time and quiet time. Ages 1-6.

Product Number: DVD HP982

This award-winning series entertains babies with colorful images, and toddlers through first-graders with familiar situations and concerns. This installment features lullabies designed for naptime, your too-tired-to-read- aloud nights, or those times when the kids just need to calm down. Accompanying the songs are kid-style music videos featuring such whimsical fantasies as rocking grandmas floating in mid-air, kids playing with their favorite stuffed animal suddenly grown life-size, and teddy bears in formal wear waltzing the afternoon away. Sleep-deprived parents will appreciate the frazzled couple playing bed merry-go-round with their two young ones in "Sleep On." In case you're worried about exposing your own children to this worst-case scenario, an alternative universe is presented in "I Sleep Till Morning (I do not wake too soon)." Just keep playing that one over and over and over and maybe it will take. -- Kimberly Heinrichs

1. All Night, All Day
2. A New World To Explore
3. Old Rocking Chair
4. Spinning On The Same Ball
5. I Sleep Till Morning
6. Counting Miracles
7. Sleep My Baby
8. Lovey And Me
9. Sleep On
10. Teddy Bear Ball