Baby Songs - Original

Featuring the Songs of Hap Palmer

Oh, Baby! Get set for singing, laughing, finger-snapping songs that deliver gentle messages about, sharing, bath time, graduating from diapers and more. The first of the BABY SONGS award winning series with songs written and sung by Hap Palmer including "Piggy Toes", "My Mommy Comes Back", and "Today I Took My Diaper Off". Join the millions of parents and toddlers who can't resist this captivating collection of music that young children clamor to hear and see ... again and again! Baby Songs received the Parents' Choice Award for this DVD.

DVD includes the following bonus features: Hap Palmer featurette, printable coloring pages, song lyrics and continuous play for each song and for the entire program. This DVD runs 50 minutes.

Product Number: DVD HP860

This is the near-legendary video that started the trend of songs for kids on video in 1986. The footage of kids playing in houses and backyards has a delightful homemade quality and is anchored by the songs of Hap Palmer, once dubbed the "Bob Dylan of the diaper set." His songs do have a nice folksiness that is just right. From the very first song, "Piggy Toes," you can see where the video is aimed: the Sesame Street group of infants to 6-year- olds. Palmer has a gift for writing bouncy numbers that go beyond the normal subject matter. "My Mommy Comes Back" speaks to kids who are left at Grandma's or a day care center ("my mommy comes back, she always comes back..."). Other songs on the 30-minute tape include "Shout And Whisper," "Rolling," and the self-explanatory "Today I Took My Diapers Off." -- Doug Thomas

From Parents' Choice
The first and finest volume in a now-famous series shows babies' and toddlers' lives; they eat, they sleep, they play endearingly while the production tickles the funny bones of youngsters and parents. Volume I is a smart combination of animation, puppetry and live action. Gentle in the tone and color, it spills over with joy, truth and laughter. Here first appears the unforgettable coming of age baby song of the ages, "The Day I Took My Diapers Off." A Parents' Choice Approval.

1. Baby Songs Theme
2. Piggy Toes
3. Shout and Whisper
4. Share
5. My Mommy Comes Back
6. Baby's Good Doggie
7. Rolling
8. Security
9. Rub-A-Dub
10. Today I Took My Diapers Off
11. So Big
12. Walking
13. The Hammer Song
14. Daddy Be A Horsie
15. Big Things Come From Little Things You Do
16. Put Your Toes To Your Nose
17. Just Fun
18. Family Harmony
19. So Happy You're Here