Divirtámonos Aprendiendo con Hap Palmer
Let's Have Fun Learning with Hap Palmer
New Bilingual Edition! Songs in Spanish and English

Hap Palmer canta en español e inglés doce de sus canciones más populares para niños. Con su estilo distintivo logra usar la música, el movimiento y la diversión para enseñar el vocabulario, las matemáticas, y el lenguaje y desarrollar las habilidades motrices.

Versiones instrumentales de todas las canciones están disponibles para su descarga digital en iTunes y CD Baby. Después que los niños aprenden las palabras al escuchar la versión vocal, pueden cantar junto con la versión instrumental, oyendo sólo la música. Los niños también pueden crear y cantar sus propias palabras con la versión instrumental.

Hap Palmer sings Spanish and English versions of twelve of his most popular songs for young children using his trademark mix of music, movement, and fun, to build vocabulary, teach math and language, and develop movement skills.

Instrumental versions of all the songs are available for digital download from iTunes and CD Baby. After children learn the words to a song, they can sing along with the instrumental version, hearing only the music. Children can also create and sing their own words with the instrumental version.

Product Number: CD HP115E


• The Children's Music Web Award 2006
• Parents' Choice Recommended


South Florida Parenting Magazine
The catchy rhythms of the 12 tunes on this CD are sure to have kids clapping and singing along -- and learning Spanish while they do. Relying on the idea that young children engage and learn best through active participation, the compilation of songs includes a list of suggested activities designed to involve kids with body movements and sing-along that will help them learn numbers, colors, how to identify the parts of their bodies and a whole lot more, and teach them basic Spanish vocabulary, pronunciation and usage, too. "Un reloj feliz" ("Jolly Clock"), for example, invites kids to move their arms to imitate the hands of a clock so they can learn to tell time as they play and sing. "Creciendo" ("Growing") similarly teaches children about the way that plants and animals grow as they go from pretending to be a curled-up seed until they reach for the sky like the branches of a tree. Sounds perfect for preschools and kindergarten, but parents might want to add this one to the home collection for those times when they want to get the kids -- and their friends -- off the couch and up for some educational fun. -- Carlos Harrison

The Midwest Book Review
Divertámonos Aprendiendo con Hap Palmer (Let's Have Fun Learning With Hap Palmer) by Hap Palmer is an easy-to-follow 66 minute introduction and exploration of the Spanish language for English speaking children ages of 4 to 10 (and the English language for Spanish speaking children within the same age bracket) just beginning to learn, as well as those children wishing to retain their current knowledge of the language. With a wide understanding and coverage of youth Spanish/English, Divirtámonos Apprendiendo con Hap Palmer covers both fun and educational aspects of each language with a track set consisting of La arana pequenita (The Itsy Bitsy Spider), Creciendo (Growing), Que Milagro (What A Miracle), Doy gracias (Things I'm Thankful For), Sammy/soy feliz de ser como soy (Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Glad I'm Me), Veamos a los colores moverse (Colors In Motion), Un Reloj Feliz (Jolly Clock), Como re llamas? (What Is Your Name?), Pon las manos ariba (Put Your Hands Up In The Air), Cinco monitos (Five Little Monkeys), La bolsita de frijoles (The Beanbag), Saliendo a la ciudad (Stepping Out On The Town).

Parents' Choice
Hap Palmer, a pioneer in early childhood educational music, sings Spanish versions of 12 of his most popular songs using music, movement and fun to build vocabulary, to teach math and language and to develop movement skills. Created in consultation with bilingual educational experts, Divirtámonos Aprendiendo features a chorus of native Spanish-speaking children from various Latin American backgrounds. The full-color CD liner notes include a bilingual teaching guide with lyrics and activities in Spanish and English.

Spanish teacher loves it! As a former preschool teacher, Hap Palmer CDs are the ones I used to turn to when I wanted to liven up my group time or just have music playing softly in the background on rainy school days. Hap has a soothing voice that always seemed to calm my classroom full of energetic three and four year olds. So I was eager to listen to his latest CD in Spanish, complete with activities that correspond with each song. The songs and activities help children to learn to identify parts of the body, numbers and counting, tell time, learn colors, and about plants and animals. "What A Miracle," is a call and response song that celebrates how special our bodies are. "Things I’m Thankful For," is a soothing ballad that teaches gratitude for the earth, sea, and friends.

Since I am not bilingual, I asked a Spanish language teacher at my son's elementary school to help me review the CD. She loved it and said she would gladly use it as a way to teach the children, preschool through sixth grade common concepts in a fun, interactive manner.

It's amazing how quickly even someone like me, who is not Spanish speaking, can pick up vocabulary by listening to it in songs. Children are so much more adept at doing this than adults are. I trust everything Hap Palmer does to be age appropriate and full of learning opportunities for children. This CD was no different and proved to be a wonderful way to introduce children to the Spanish language, to reinforce concepts taught or to use with Spanish speaking children. -- Melanie Wilson

Cover - Divirtámonos Aprendiendo Con Hap Palmer
1. La araña pequeñita
2. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
3. Creciendo
4. Growing
5. Qué milagro
6. What A Miracle
7. Doy gracias
8. Things I'm Thankful For
9. Sammy/Soy feliz de ser como soy
10. Sammy / I'm Glad I'm Me
11. Veamos a los colores moverse
12. Colors In Motion
13. Un reloj feliz
14. Jolly Clock
15. ¿Cómo te llamas?
16. What Is Your Name?
17. Pon las manos arriba
18. Put Your Hands Up In The Air
19. Cinco monitos
20. Five Little Monkeys
21. La bolsita de frijoles
22. The Beanbag
23. Saliendo a la ciudad
24. Stepping Out On The Town