Hap Palmer Hap-Pal Music CDs

Holiday and Everyday Songs (2016) HP120
We Have A Dream, Turkey Tale, Valentines Song, Halloween Hike, Happy Birthday U.S.A. , Nature's Sweet Endless Song, Cinco De Mayo, Scamper, Food, Morning Time At The Zoo, Birthday Medley, Put Another Candle On Your Cake, Out The Candles Go, Celebrate The Day, Birthday Boogie, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Sheltering Evergreen Tree, Ki Va Moed, Witches' Brew, Every Day's A Special Day

(1990,1997) HP95E
Revised Expanded Version
Gettin' Up Time, Baby Songs Theme, Baby's First, My Mommy Comes Back, Don't Wash My Blanket, Peek-A-Boo, Lovey And Me, Piggy Toes, Walking, Daddy Be A Horsie, Teddy Bear Ball, Today I Took My Diapers Off, I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself, Oh What A Miracle, Raggedy Rag Doll Friend, Merry-Go-Round, Teddy Bear, Just Fun, Finger Foods, Boogie Woogie Washrag Blues, Good Night Story Time

Rhythms On Parade (1988, 1995, 2011) HP102E
Revised Expanded Version
Rhythms On Parade, The Mice Go Marching, Woodpecker, Roller Coaster, Jingle Bell Bees, Mother Goose Has Rhythmical Rhymes, Kris Kringle's Jingle Bell Band, Switch On The Music, Five, Tap Your Sticks, Sounds Around The World, Bean Bag Shake, Homemade Band, Choose An Instrument, Country Classics Stop And Start, Spreading Rhythm, Stuff It In The Closet, Slow And Fast, Walking Notes, Play And Rest, Old Mac Donald's Band, I'm A Little Woodblock, Stick Dance, Choose And Instrument (Instrumental)

Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye? (1990) HP103E
Revised Expanded Version
Let's All Clap Our Hands Together, Put A Little Color On You, Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?, Weekly Rap, Bean Bag Alphabet Rag, Animal Quiz 1 + 2, Parade Of Colors, Pocket Full Of B's, Following You, Everyone Can Be A Helper, Say The Opposite, Stepping Out On The Town, Put A Little Color On You (Extended response), Say The Opposite (Extended response), Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye? (Instrumental), Pocket Full Of B's (Instrumental)

Quiet Places (1992) HP104
Star Gazing, Snowfall, Twilight Sea, Misty Moonlight, Peaceful Cove, Smooth Sailing, Awakening,
A Tender Moment, Sierra Sunrise, Fern River, Serenity, Touching Clouds

A Child's World Of Lullabies (1993) HP105
Counting Miracles, Hush Little Baby, Sleep My Baby, A La Nañita Nana, All Night All Day, Chippewa Lullaby, Spinning On The Same Ball, A New World To Explore, Old Rocking Chair, Bamboo Flute, Dormite Niñito, Sleep On

We're On Our Way (1991) HP106
We're On Our Way, At The Library, Rolling, Tiger With A Toothbrush, Mrs. McFritter, Freddy Fuzzywizz, Swinging, Truck Drivers Song, Things We Like To Do, Teddy Took A Train Ride, Tina Took Her Tap Shoes, Partytime In The Mud, Drivin' Down The Highway, We're On Our Way (Reprise)

So Big (1994) HP107
So Happy You're Here, Five Little Monkeys, I'm A Pretzel, So Big, Rock And Roll Freeze Dance, Baby Chickie, When I'm Down I Get Up And Dance, Ten Wiggle Worms, Ten Wiggle Worms II, Jack In The Box, Growing, Bluegrass Jamboree, Teddy Bear Playtime, Put Your Hands Up In The Air, Big Things Come From Little Things You Do

Holiday Magic (1990) HP108
What A World, Jingle Bells/Jingle Song, The Angel Band, Caroling Caroling, Merry Christmas Santa, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah, Things I'm Thankful For, The Merry Hula, Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas, The Baby's Carol, We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Can Cockatoos Count By Twos? (1996, 2001) HP109E
Revised Expanded Version
Can Cockatoos Count By Twos?, Rhyme Time Band, Colors In Motion (Basic), Magic Scarf, Jolly Clock (Time on the hour), Months On The Move, We Are All Alike, Colors In Motion (Mixing colors), What's Bigger Than A Bear?, Seasons, Jumping To Add And Subtract, Numbers Can Tell About You, Jolly Clock (Advanced), Betty Beep, Toss It High Let It Fly, Rhyme Time Band II, Thirty Second Challenge, It's Time To Go

Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet? (1998, 2004) HP110E
Revised Expanded Version
'Round The World With Ways To Say Hello, Alphabet In Motion, What Could You Use?, Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet?, The Shapes That Surround You, Jig Along Shapes, Everybody Dance, Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Basic, Please And Thank You - Part I, Letters In The Blender, Boogie Down And Cruise, The Bean Bag, What Could A Bean Bag Be?, Tug-A-Tug To Twenty Two, Fun With The Rhyme Time Band, The Action Fraction, Sharing The Bean Bag, The Compost Bin, Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Advanced, Please And Thank You - Part II, Motion Memory Goodbye Game, Goodbye My Friends

Early Childhood Classics (2000) HP111
Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-A-Cake, I'm A Little Teapot, Old Mac Donald, Touch Your Toes To Your Nose, Circle Songs, Mullberry Bush, Ring Around The Rosy, Hokey Pokey, Open Shut Them, One Two Buckle My Shoe, Head Shoulders Knees And Toes, Bingo, The Elephant, I'm Glad I'm Me, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels On The Bus, Good-Bye Song

One Little Sound (2002) HP112
Chickadee And Chipmunk, Bop 'Til We Drop, Marching Around The Alphabet, Ayee I Owe You, Mary And Marvin, Bounce!, Follow Along, One Little Sound, D-O-G, Walkin' The Dog, Celebrate The Day, How Many Are Here?, The Secret Word (Plus instrumentals of all songs)

Two Little Sounds (2004) HP114
Two Little Sounds, My Ramblin' Cat, Down By The Bay, The One That Doesn't Rhyme, Wiggy Wiggles Freeze Dance, Ten Monkeys In A Tree, Meet My Travelin' Friends, We Discover Number Pattern, Apples Bananas Peaches Tomatoes, My Playful Pig, How Many Are Here? (Addition and subtraction), Hickory Dickory Dock, The English Language Gets A Little Kooky (Consonants), Five Pennies Make A Nickel, Tall Tremendous Tens And Wee Wonderful Ones, What Are You Wearing?, The English Language Gets A Little Kooky (Vowels), Good-By So Long Farewell Toodle-Loo

Multiplication Mountain (2009) HP116
The Twos Give You Twice, Tens Trip Off Your Tongue, Fives Alive, Elevens Have Those Doubles, Waltzing Through The Threes, Number Nine Rollin' Down The Line, Rockin' The Fours, Let's Multiply By Six, Eights - Shimmy, Shimmy Shake, Sevens - Almost To The Top, Twelves - Reach For The Sun, Fours Bonus - Twelve Race Cars, Shake Up The Tables.
(All songs have answers version and no answers version)

Turn On The Music (1988,1997) HP150E
Revised Expanded Version
Turn On The Music, Backwards Land, If I Had Wings, When Things Don't Go Your Way, Amanda Schlupp, The Clown Song, Hurry Up Blues, Amazing, When Daddy Was A Little Boy, Francie Had A Football, You Can Do It, Amos The Alligator Dude, Zany Zoo, Summer Slumber Party, Billy Blotsky's Birthday Bash, Friends, Helping Mommy In The Kitchen, Chomping Gum, Halloween Hanukkah Christmas Ghost, Turn On The Music (Instrumental)

Learning In Two Languages / Aprendiendo en dos idiomas (2011) HP117
What Do The Animals Say?, ¿Qué dicen los animales?, What Is The Opposite?, ¿Qué es lo contrario?, What Are You Wearing?, ¿Qué tienes puesto?, Seven Day Week, En la semana hay siete días, Percival The Parrot, Lorenzo el loro, Song About Slow And Fast, Despacio y rápido, What Is This Sound?, ¿Qué es este sonido?, Walter The Waltzing Worm, Gustavo el gusano bailarín, Parade Of Colors, Desfile de colores, Witches' Brew, El caldo de las brujas, plus Instrumental tracks of all songs.

Count, Add, Subtract! (2013) HP118
Count Up, Count Down, Naming Numbers, One More, One Less, Doubles Facts, Add One To The Double, Switcheroo, Skip Count, Two More, Two Less, Ways To Get To Ten, Ten Plus, Make Nine Into Ten, All Aboard To Add And Subtract, Counting By Twos With The Odd Numbers, The Five Seven Twelve Family, Five Ate Thirteen

Divirtámonos Aprendiendo / Let's Have Fun Learning (2014) HP115E
New Bilingual Edition! Songs in Spanish and English
La araña pequeñita, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Creciendo, Growing, Qué milagro, What A Miracle, Doy gracias, Things I'm Thankful For, Sammy/Soy feliz de ser como soy, Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me, Veamos a los colores moverse, Colors In Motion, Un reloj feliz, Jolly Clock, ¿Cómo te llamas?
What Is Your Name? Pon las manos arriba, Put Your Hands Up In The Air, Cinco monitos, Five Little Monkeys, La bolsita de frijoles, The Beanbag, Saliendo a la ciudad, Stepping Out On The Town

Hap Palmer Educational Activities CDs

Learning Basic Skills Through Music (1969) EA514
Colors, Marching Around The Alphabet, Put Your Hands In The Air, Number March, Growing, This Is The Way We Get Up In The Morning, Birds, What Are You Wearing?, The Elephant, What Is
Your Name?

Patriotic And Morning Time Songs (1970) EA519
Morning Time March, This Land Is Your Land, What Did You Eat?, My Country 'Tis Of Thee, Goodmorning, Merry Sunshine, America, Zipidee Doo Da, Tell Me In The Morning, God Bless America, Zuni Sunrise Song

Learning Basic Skills Through Music Vocabulary (1980) EA521
Safety Signs, Listen And Do, High And Low, How Are We Going, All On The Table Before You, Kinds Of Food, Under The Stick, Hello, Show Me, Walk Around The Circle

Learning Basic Skills Through Music Volume II (1969) EA522
Parade Of Colors, Let's Dance, Lucky Number March, Lucky Number March, Paper Clocks, Let's Hide The Tambourine, Triangle Circle And Square, Something That Begins Like, One Shape Three Shapes, Partners

Modern Tunes For Rhythms And Instruments (1969) EA523
Sunshine, Happy Mechanical Man, Main Street Parade, The Hawk, The Woodpecker, Pow Wow, Pinky, On A Little Street In Singapore, March Of The Clowns, Frere Jaques, Mai Tai

Folk Song Carnival (1970) EA524
Going To The Zoo, Clapping Land, Hush Little Baby, Blue Bird, Join Into The Game, Dance Thumpkin, Looby Lu, Whistle Daughter Whistle, Shake The Papaya Down, He's Got The Whole World In His Hands, The Paw Paw Patch, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, Early In The Morning,
All Night All Day

Learning Basic Skills Through Music Health And Safety (1969) EA526
Take A Bath, Buckle Your Seat Belt, Brush Away, Exercise Every Day, Alice's Restaurant, Stop Look And Listen, Posture Exercises, Safeway, Cover Your Mouth, Keep The Germs Away

Mod Marches - Well-known 60s and 70s tunes in march tempos. (1972) EA527
Penny Lane, It's A Small World, Let It Be, Love Is Blue, Yellow Submarine, Happy Together, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Lodi, Gentle On My Mind, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Creative Movement and Rhythmic Exploration (1971) EA533
Moving Game, Fishing Trip, Colored Ribbons, Teacher Who Couldn't, Talk, Grandpa Builds A Table, Fast And Slow March, Out To The Country, Magic Stick, How Many Ways

Holiday Songs And Rhythms (1971) EA538
What A World, Things I'm Thankful For, Cinco De Mayo, Valentines Song, Have A Good Time On Halloween Night, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter Time Is Here Again, Star Spangled Banner

Math Readiness (1972) EA539
Count Up, Count Down, Movin' By Numerals, Show Me The Card, How Many Ways?, Marching Around The Number Wheel, Do You Know?, Adding Sets, Jumping, Answers To Nine, Classic To Rock, Bossa Nova To Eight

Getting To Know Myself (1972) CD EA543
Feelings, Sammy, Touch, Shake Something, The Circle, Turn Around, Circle Game, Left And Right, Change, What Do People Do?, Opposite, Be My Friend (Also Available on Video)

Homemade Band (1973) EA545
Homemade Band, Beautiful Day, Play, I'm A Little Woodblock, Stick Dance, Play Your Sticks, Make A Pretty Sound, Old Mac Donald, Knocking On The Door, Wildwood Flower, Stop And Start, Bring Your Sticks

Movin' (1973) EA546
Funky Penguin, Midnight Moon, Tipsy, Far East Blues, Gentle Sea, Movin', Haunted House, Enter Sunlight, Jamaican Holiday, Twilight, Pause

Ideas Thoughts And Feelings (1973) EA549
Everybody Has Feelings, Can You Guess What I Am?, Building Bridges, Find A Way, Follow Along, I Like Me, Letter Sounds (A-M) (N-Z), Move Around The Room, Making Friends, I Don't Like Me, Things I'm Thankful For

Pretend (1975) EA553
Rag Doll, Guitar Player, The Friendly Giant, Rushing, The Clown, Show Me, Little Ants, Motorcycle Racer, Kite Song, Little Elf, Big Heavy Box, Jumping Frog, The Bullfight

Walter The Waltzing Worm (1982) EA555
What A Miracle, Walter The Waltzing Worm, A Genius Of Course, Slide Whistle Suite, Flick A Fly, Song About Slow – Fast, Swing Shake Twist And Stretch, All The Ways Of Jumping, Surprise Song (Qualities)

The Feel Of Music (1974) EA556
Joy, Five Beats To Each Measure, Good Old Fashioned Rock And Roll Song, Touch The World, Quickly And Quietly, Do A Little Dance, Clap And Rest / Move And Rest, Slow And Fast, Soft And Loud, 3/4 Rag, Walking Notes

Witches' Brew (1978) EA576
Witches' Brew, Grandmothers Farm, Clickety Clack, The Eagle, Scamper, They Go Together, Space Explorer, Goodnight, Pack Up The Sleigh

Easy Does It (1977) EA581
The Bean Bag, Birds In A Circle, High Wire Artist, A Tree Fell Down, Circle Your Way, Move Around The Color, Smoke Drifts To The Sky, Natures Sweet Endless Song, Friend On The Floor

Seagulls (1978) EA584
Savannah, Seagulls, Nonnie's Lullaby, Summer Rain, Misty Canyon, Morning Gold, Sweetwater Springs, Lilacs & Lavender, Roses, Comin' Home

Learning With Circles And Sticks (1979) EA585
Stick Band, Run Around The Sun, Putt The Paper Ball, Circles Everywhere, Goin' Out On The Town, Makin' Letters, Jump And Land, Tap Your Sticks, Connection

Learning Basic Skills Through Music Volume V (1980) EA594
Ricky Stick Man, Pocket Full Of Bs, Someone Took Something Somewhere, All The Colors Of The Rainbow, A Question Of Luck, Walking Through The Jungle, Tap Out The Answer, Thirty Second Challenge, What I Did Today, Tug A Tug

More Baby Songs (Formerly Tickly Toddle) (1981) EA597
Rub A Dub, My Baby, Shout And Whisper, The Hammer Song, Tickly Toddle, Crazy Monster, Family Harmony, So Much To Hear, Watch A Witchie Whiz, Wild And Wolly, It Was All A Dream, Piggy Toes, Sleepy Time Sea

Animal Antics (1986) EA604
Monkeys, Hippo Is Heavy, Rabbit Moves Fast, Turtle Moves Terribly Slowly, Hummingbird, Floppy Doggy, Chickens, Cobra, Butterfly, Don't Mess With Gorilla, Clip Clip Clop, My Kitty Cat

Sally The Swinging Snake (1987) EA617
Sally The Swinging Snake, Something Special, Wiggy Wiggles, Dancing With A Stick, Rubber Band Man, Up And Down A Mountain, Everything Has A Shape, Muddy Water Puddle, Watch Me, When The Bell Rings, On The Count Of Five, Percival The Parrot, Ride And Swing

Classic Nursery Rhymes (1991) EA646
Ride A Cock Horse, Mistress Mary, Old King Cole, Little Boy Blue, Little Bo Peep,Little Miss Muffet, Little Jack Horner, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Hickory Dickory Dock, Higglety Pigglety Pop, Dickory Dickory Dare, George Porgie, Moses Supposes , Peter Piper, Swan Swam, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep

Babysong (1984) EA713
My Mommy Comes Back, Share, Walking, Sittin' In A High Chair, Today I Took My Diapers Off, Baby's Bed, Daddy Be A Horsie, Rolling, Security, Come Read A Book, Baby's Good Doggy, I Sleep 'Til The Morning

Toe Tapping Tunes (1985) EA716
Birds In A Tree, Stop Time Blues, Rockin' Robot, Cool It Funky Choo Choo, Feelin' Fine, You Got It, Jumpin' For Joy, Sophisticated Popcorn, Ups And Downs, Strollin', Slinky Nice 'n Easy, Time Step Swing, On A Little Street In Singapore

Singing Multiplication Table (1971) EA45101
Twos, Threes, Fours, Fives, Sixes, Sevens, Eights, Nines, Tens, Elevens, Twelves, Mixed Quiz

Feelin' Free (1976) AR517
It's Just Fun, Rockin' Hula, Feelin' Free, Make Up A Name, Questions I, Bumpity Bump, Who Wants To Touch And Be Touched, Numbers Can Tell A Lot About You, Pat Pat, Questions II

Hap Palmer DVDs

Read & Sing with Hap Palmer (2012) HP200
Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me, What A Miracle, Down By The Bay, The Mice Go Marching, What Do
The Animals Say?, The Clown Song, Growing, Backwards Land, Teddy Bear Ball, Witches' Brew,
One Little Sound, We're On Our Way

Baby Songs Original (1985/2002) Fox Home Video
Baby Songs Theme, Piggy Toes, Shout And Whisper, Share, My Mommy Comes Back, Baby's Good Doggie, Rolling, Security, Rub-A-Dub, Today I Took My Diapers Off, So Big, Walking, The Hammer Song, Daddy Be A Horsie, Big Things Come From Little Things, Put Your Toes To Your Nose, Just Fun, Family Harmony, So Happy You're Here

Baby Songs Animals (2004) Fox Home Video
Baby Songs Theme, Old Macdonald's Farm, What's Bigger Then A Bear?, Elephant, I'm Glad I'm Me, Amazing, Bingo, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baby Chickie, My Baby

Baby Songs Good Night (2004) Fox Home Video
Baby Songs Theme, All Night All Day, A New World To Explore, Old Rocking Chair, Spinning On The Same Ball, I Sleep Till Morning, Counting Miracles, Sleep My Baby, Lovey & Me, Sleep On, Teddy Bear Ball

Baby Songs Abc, 123 Colors And Shapes (2002) Fox Home Video
Baby Songs Theme, Alphabet In Motion, Tap Your Sticks, Shapes That Surround You, Colors In Motion, We Are All Alike, Bean Bag Alphabet Rag, Jig Along Shapes, Numbers Can Tell About You, We're On Our Way, Betty Beep, Parade Of Colors, Weekly Rap, Homemade Band, Bean Bag Shake, Rhyme Time Band, Five Little Monkeys, Let's All Clap Our Hands Together

Baby Songs: Baby's Busy Day (1985/2002) Fox Home Video
Baby Songs Theme, Getting Up Time I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself, Teddy Bear, What A Miracle, Raggedy Rag Doll Friend, Baby's First, Finger Foods, Peek A Boo, Wash Rag Blues, Goodnight Story Time, Sitting In A Highchair, Tickly Toddle, Things We Like To Do, Put Your Hands Up In The Air, Growing, The Mice Go Marching, You Can Do It

Hap Palmer Educational Activities DVDs

Learning Basic Skills Through Music DVD005
Colors, Pocket Full Of Bs, Marching Around The Alphabet, Count Up - Count Down, Adding Sets, All The Colors Of The Rainbow, Thirty Second Challenge

Sammy DVD053
Sammy, Shake Something, The Circle, Left And Right, Turn Around, Feelings, Touch, The Opposite, Circle Game

Stepping Out DVD058
Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles, Flick A Fly, Weekly Rap, Rubber Band Man, Percival The Parrot, Everything Has A Shape, Sally The Swinging Snake, Stepping Out On The Town, All The Ways Of Jumping

Something Special DVD059
Something Special, Walter The Waltzing Worm, When The Bell Rings, Watch Me, Ride And Swing, What A Miracle, Song About Slow-Fast, Up And Down A Mountain, Muddy Water Puddle

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