Learning Basic Skills Through Music - Vocabulary

These songs were developed while teaching in special education classes in East Los Angeles. The simple, repetitive lyrics and arrangements make the words easy to understand. The songs are also designed for preschool, Head Start and kindergarten programs and are particularly effective with English language learners.

Students hear words and learn their meaning by responding in movement. Through active participation children learn safety vocabulary, kinds of foods, parts of the body, and forms of transportation. They identify objects in the classroom and utensils for eating. Words describing direction and space (forward, backward, high, low, inside, outside, under, over and around) and ways of moving (walk, run, jump, hop, skip) are also featured.

The songs were recorded in 1970 at Del Casher Studio in Hollywood. Educational Activities, Baldwin New York, released the recording on LP in 1971 and released the CD version in 2007.

Product Number: EA521

1. Safety Signs
2. Listen And Do
3. High And Low
4. How Are We Going?
5. All On The Table Before You
6. Kinds Of Food
7. Under The Stick
8. Hello
9. Show Me
10. Walk Around The Circle