Singing Multiplication Tables

1. Number Line or Circle - Twos and Threes

The numerals are arranged in a line or circle; to 24 for the twos or 36 for the threes.
As the facts are sung,the participant stands by the correct answer.

2. Small Circle of Numerals
The numerals 0-9 are arranged in a circle 3’-5’ in diameter.
The participant stands inside the circle of numerals.
For a one digit answer,stand by the answer on one foot.
For a two digit answer,place one foot by ones digit,and the other foot by the tens digit. For a three digit answer,place one foot by ones digit,the other foot by the tens digit, and either hand or both hands by the hundreds digit.
Variation: For an extra challenge,use right foot for ones digit,left foot for tens digit and hand or hands for hundreds digit. This gets tricky because we are used to reading from left to right, but numbers are built from right to left.
Example: Hundreds    Tens    Ones
                     1             3         8

3. Small Circle of Numerals with Partners
This game suggested by Alan Canonico,former supervisor Health and Physical Education, West Virginia.
The numerals 0-9 are arranged in a circle 3’-5’ in diameter.
One person stands inside the circle,and the other person stands outside the circle.
The person inside the circle stands by the tens digit and the per son outside the circle stands by the ones digit.
Of course this can be done the other way around,with the person inside standing by the ones digit and the person outside standing by the tens digit. The first way,the person outside the circle does the most running;the second way the person inside does
the most running.
Variation: Partners change places or digits after a table is completed.

4. Two Small Circles of Numerals with Partners
Two circles of numerals 0-9 are arranged side by side.
One person stands inside each circle,with his back toward the spectators.
The person on the right picks up the ones digit and holds it above his head and between the two circles.
The person on the left picks up the tens digit and holds it above his head next
to the ones digit.
If the answer is a 3 digit number,the person on the left picks up the hundreds digit with his left hand and the tens digit with his right hand. The person on the left will need an extra 1 (one) card to answer the problems 10 x 11 = 110 and 11 x 10 = 110.
The only materials that these games require are number cards which can be easily made using cardboard and a felt pen.

A Note To The Teacher:
The ideas in this guide are suggestions. Don’t be afraid to adapt and change them to fit your environment and meet the needs of the children you are working with.

List of Songs
1. The Twos
2. The Threes
3. The Fours
4. The Fives
5. The Sixes
6. The Sevens

7. The Eights
8. The Nines
9. The Tens
10. The Elevens
11. The Twelves
12. Mixed Quiz

Vocals: Hap and Penny Palmer
Piano: Tom Hensley
Bass: Bill Perry
Drums: Larry Brown
Guitar: Ed Abner
Steel Guitar: Ed Abner
Engineer: Tom Perry
Graphic Design: Marvin Edson

All Songs by Hap Palmer ©Hap-Pal Music
Recorded in 1971 at Hollywood Sound Recorders

All songs published by Hap-Pal Music. ©Hap-Pal Music all rights reserved. No part of these lyrics or activities may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission from the publisher.

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