One Little Sound

Fun with Phonics and Numbers

Here's a fun musical way for children to learn about reading, writing, and mathematics. Phonics and numbers are presented in a meaningful context of colorful rhymes and stories. Through hand and finger motions, full body movement, and opportunities for verbal expression, children are fully engaged in the learning process.

The songs focus on the relationship between letter symbols (the alphabet) and sounds of the English language (phonemes). The songs also encourage children to search for relationships, order and predictability as they work with numbers.

When the lyrics pose questions or problems, answers often come from children on the recording. There is always a musical interlude or a short pause before the answer is given. This gives the child listening a chance to answer first, then check the answer immediately following.

The 12 songs are presented first with vocal versions and then with instrumental renditions. Once children have learned a song, they can sing along without hearing the words or create their own lyrics and activities. The instrumentals have a soft piano melody line to act as a guide without overpowering the children’s voices.

Included with each CD is a teaching guide that describes ways to actively involve children with each song. (Feel free to vary and adapt the ideas suggested in this guide, and to create new ways of using the songs to fit your school or home situation.) The ultimate goal is always the same: to foster enthusiasm and enjoyment of learning through music and movement. Ages 5-8

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School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2­. Hap Palmer once again proves himself the king of educational music with this delightful album of songs featuring phonics and math concepts. Each song encourages participation, whether by counting word chunks in “Chipmunk And Chickadee,” moving with “op” words in “Bop 'Til We Drop,” or putting together word sounds to find “The Secret Word.” The lyrics and scenarios are clever and engaging throughout, often reinforcing several concepts in the same song. For example, “Ayee I Owe You” offers an easy way to remember the vowels, as well as a simple math puzzle to solve. Instrumental tracks of each song are also included. Palmer’s delivery is typically easy-going and charming, inviting kids to sing along as much with his manner as with his words. Teachers will adore this treasure trove of lesson ideas, and public librarians will be no less delighted to find some wonderful activity songs here. -- Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, Maryland School for the Deaf

Chicago Tribune
Parents can count on award-winning children’s artist Hap Palmer. His newest is “One Little Sound: Fun with Phonics and Numbers.” Each of the 12 songs, including “How Many Are Here?” and “Follow Along,” is followed by an instrumental version, encouraging children to sing along. -- Donald Liebenson

Parents' Choice - Gold Award
Hap Palmer’s newest educational songfest is a delight, as pleasing to adult ears for its superior vocals and well-produced instrumentals as it is sing-along fun for children.

Palmer makes the concept of syllables easy to understand by asking listeners to divide words into “chunks” in “Chickadee And Chipmunk.” He invites them to discover a “Secret Word” by sounding out letter sounds, “Bounces” them through initial consonants, and offers playful musical guidance through vowel sounds, the alphabet, consonant blends, alliteration, simple math, the concept of zero and more. This veteran educator’s mellow voice, tuneful music and terrific sense of rhythm make learning a festive occasion. Instrumental versions of each song make up the last part of the release for sing-along, move along activities. The CD and cassette versions include lyrics and a detailed activity guide. -- Lynne Heffley
One little gem!, I've used Hap Palmer's music in my pre-k and kindergarten classes for many years. This year I moved to first grade, and having such a huge selection of Hap's music, (nearly all of it on LP's!) that I hadn't thought to add to my collection until I happened to get a copy "One Little Sound, Fun with Phonics and Numbers" at the beginning of this school year. While "One Little Sound" is still great fun and learning for pre/k, and kindergarten, it's also a wonderful resource for those all important first grade skills too. Having a hard time getting those vowels memorized and tired of singing about Old MacDonald's vowels? Try "Ayee I Owe You" and get them down in nothing flat. Learning about syllables? Sing along with "Chickadee And Chipmunk" and learn all about word chunks! (and slide right into a REAL kid pleaser--"Skidamarinkadinkadink" at the end of the song!). Beginning word families? Bop, hop, pop, mop, chop, and flop along with "Bop 'Til We Drop". And learn even more word families with "Bounce", "One Little Sound" and “D-O-G, Walkin' The Dog". How about skip counting? "Follow Along" will introduce counting patterns for you. And not only are these songs educational, they are FUN, FUN, FUN! There is so much to this CD, and I've only scratched the surface, so to speak. One more thing--don't forget to read the booklet that comes with it--there's a goldmine of information about how to extend the learning with every song. -- Kay Thomas, Pre-school Teacher

Kid's Music Series:
One Little Sound
Fun With Phonics and Numbers by Hap Palmer

I am always on the lookout for great educational CDs and this latest review is my newest favorite! Hap Palmer's album One Little Sound-Fun With Phonics and Numbers is just perfect for ages 3-6 who are just starting out with phonics or learning to master basic phonics skills.

As a Reading Specialist and Mom, it is so important to me that I introduce phonics everywhere I can without the kiddos really thinking of it as learning. After all, those little moments in the car singing along to great songs are sometimes the ones that 'stick' best, and that is where this fantastic album comes in. Whether it is songs that teach segmenting and blending and give the kids opportunities to shout out the answers before the kids on the CD, or teaching about vowels in a very funny way, One Little Sound is the Must-Have album if you have a little one!

Here is the playlist for One Little Sound:
1. Chickadee And Chipmunk – Learning to count syllables in words.
          Kids love to clap along and count!
2. Bop 'Til We Drop – A song about the word family -OP.
          My kids love this one!
3. Marching Around The Alphabet – This cute song to teach the alphabet           had the kids marching around the room.
4. Ayee I Owe You – My favorite on the disc. A creative and funny way to           teach vowels.
5. Mary And Marvin – Fun movements you can do along with this song.
6. Bounce! – Practice segmenting with this one and guess the answers           before the kids sing them. LoLo (age 5) LOVED trying to get
          them all fast!
7. Follow Along – Get up and move your whole body around with this one
8. One Little Sound – Practice removing initial sounds with this one. One           little sound can make all the difference between words (can't-ant)
9. D-O-G Walkin' The Dog – Change initial sounds to make new
          words (dog-fog).
10. Celebrate The Day – A fun Happy Birthday song with some addition           and subtraction thrown in.
11. How Many Are Here? – Add along with the fun lyrics of this song
12. The Secret Word – Blend all the sounds together to find out the
          'secret word!'

This album also has just instrumental versions of all of the songs, which honestly as a teacher I enjoy but thought that it was a slight space taker on the album with 12 instrumental songs in all! For this reason alone, I give One Little Sound-Fun With Phonics and Numbers a 4 out of 5 stars for the 12 great phonics songs it contains which are terrific. –
Ellery Garrison, Creator of Mom's Life Made Easy

Cover - One Little Sound
1. (13) Chickadee And Chipmunk
2. (14) Bop ‘Til We Drop
3. (15) Marching Around The Alphabet
4. (16) Ayee I Owe You
5. (17) Mary And Marvin
6. (18) Bounce!
7. (19) Follow Along
8. (20) One Little Sound
9. (21) D-O-G Walkin’ The Dog
10. (22) Celebrate The Day
11. (23) How Many Are Here?
12. (24) The Secret Word

Numbers in parenthesis ( )
are instrumentals of songs