And Other Songs for Young Children

A treasury of Hap Palmer's best loved tunes from the acclaimed Baby Songs video series presents a light hearted look at the world of young children waking up, eating, using the potty, getting dressed, taking a bath, hearing a favorite bed time story, and of course the most important part of the day...PLAY...the kind of play young children love: teddy bears, make believe, laughter, hide and seek, or just plain jumping up and down for the fun of it! Through it all, messages of self acceptance and pride ring out with compassion and gentle humor. Ages 2-5

Product Number: HP95E


• Parents' Choice Gold Award
• Parents' Choice Classic Award
• American Library Association Best of the Best for Children


Parents' Choice
In boogie-woogie and country style, in Dixieland and merry-go-round rhythms, singer/songwriter Hap Palmer celebrates little ones’ joy at jumping up and down because it‘s Just Fun, putting on shoes without any help, clapping hands, and playing peek-a-boo. The songs also serve as good-humored reminders to parents that for babies, life is a seemingly endless series of “firsts.” Never sappy or trite, these charming songs of childhood are among Palmer's best.
This fun and accessible collection of songs from Hap Palmer’s acclaimed Baby Songs video series is the winner of the Parents' Choice Classic and Gold Awards. The milestones of childhood--such as potty training, learning to dress oneself, and the joy of exploring finger foods--are celebrated in Palmer's folksy style. Kids will love this album because its bouncy tunes explore the things that are important to them--imagination, fun for fun's sake, security blankets, reading, and favorite toys--and songs like “Piggy Toes” and “What A Miracle” will have them wiggling, clapping, and stamping along with the beat. Accompaniment includes keyboard, strings, woodwinds, percussion, vocalists, and a children’s chorus. -- Tami Horiuchi

1. Gettin’ Up Time
2. Baby Songs Theme Song
3. Baby’s First
4. My Mommy Comes Back
5. Don’t Wash My Blanket
6. Peek-A-Boo
7. Lovey And Me
8. Piggy Toes
9. Walking
10. Daddy Be A Horsie
11. Teddy Bear Ball
12. Today I Took My Diapers Off
13. I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself
14. What A Miracle
15. Raggedy Rag Doll Friend
16. Merry-Go-Round
17. Teddy Bear
18. Just Fun
19. Finger Foods
20. Boogie Woogie Wash Rag Blues
21. Good Night Story Time