This recording stimulates students to use their imaginations, role play, and develop verbal skills with fanciful songs that encourage children to think and move creatively.

Lively images and humorous lyrics invite children to pretend with movement. The songs are ideal for creative movement for children classes. In experimenting with children and observing their endurance and interest, thirty to sixty seconds seems to be the ideal length for each pretend. The endings of the songs are well defined so children know when it is time to stop both moving and pretending. During the pauses between songs, the parent or teacher can set the scene for the next pretend.

The songs are also fun to listen to while riding in the car or relaxing at home. The words to the songs are included with the CD and listeners can be encouraged to read and sing along.

Product Number: CD563

Engineer, Co-producer: Tom Perry
Drums, Percussion: John Raines
Bass, Electric Guitar on "Guitar Player": Bill Perry
Piano, Clavinette, Clavietta, Synthesizer, Clarinet: Jim Gordon
Clarinet, Flute: Dennis Drieth
Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Recorder, Co-Producer:
Hap Palmer
Cover illustration: Lianna Kelly
Consultant: Maurice Rapkin, Ph.D.

Original Recording Produced 1975
All songs by Hap Palmer
©1976 Hap-Pal Music

CD released ©1998 EAProdux, Ltd
Educational Activities, Inc.
P.O. Box 87, Baldwin, NY 11510


Cover - Movin'
1. (13) Rag Doll
2. (14) Guitar Player
3. (15) The Friendly Giant
4. (16) Rushing
5. (17) The Clown
6. (18) Little Ants
7. (19) Motorcycle Racer
8. (20) Kite Song
9. (21) Little Elf
10. (22) Big Heavy Box
11. (23) Jumping Frog
12. (24) The Bullfight

Numbers in parenthesis ( )
are instrumentals of songs