Read & Sing with Hap Palmer

Musical Picture Books for Young Children

Twelve Hap Palmer favorites are presented in a series of musical
picture books that combine song lyrics with high quality audio
recordings, imaginative illustrations, and colorful photographs, all
designed to motivate children to read and sing.

This DVD is made up of individual illustrations and photographs that bring to life the ideas and stories of each song. This format makes it easier for children to read and sing the words. The steady illustrations help new readers focus on text, identify sight words and start to read new vocabulary. Ages 4-9

Product Number: DVD HP200


Delightful as the illustrations are to Hap Palmer's songs that support this on-point vision, they do not distract or negate how brilliant his song writing abilities are. There are so many gems – so many actual diamonds that transcend time and therefore cascade into my own personal category of evergreen music. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, this amalgam of just SOME of Hap Palmer's greatest hits should be grafted into the TREE OF FAME that promotes and supports classic and relevant music for children. – by John Wood

Pick of the Day: Read and Sing with Hap Palmer: Musical Picture Books for Young Children (DVD)
PreS-Gr 2–You know when you see the name Hap Palmer that you're in for a treat. This program contains 12 of his original songs, with the words on the screen so you can read, or even better sing along. Bright illustrations and colorful photographs accompany each song and show children from all around the world delighting in being who they are. Palmer calls this format "Musical Picture Books for Young Children." The songs teach as they entertain and each has a positive message, a contagious melody, and enough repetition so that viewers will have no trouble diving right in. Among the numbers featured are "Down by the Bay," "What Do Animals Say?," "Witches Brew," "We're on Our Way," and others. Music and classroom teachers will find this a delightful diversion for students—and kids will demand it again and again. You can't go wrong with Hap Palmer! –Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary, Federal Way, WA

We are definitely a family who immerses ourselves in books and music. It's no surprise that when we received Read & Sing with Hap Palmer my boys quickly took a liking to it. When you pair music with a story it becomes the perfect teacher for my wee ones. Hap Palmer's DVD has become a new favorite watch and dance-a-long!

The Read & Sing with Hap Palmer DVD features beautiful musical picture books for young children. It features twelve of Hap Palmer's favorites and presented in a series of books filled with great illustrations, music, and more. My two-year-old's favorite from this
DVD is the "What Do the Animals Say?" story and loves repeating the sounds. It's so cute to watch! His favorite sounds to imitate: "Caw, Caw"! Awesome! While my two-year-old gallops and sings along my four year old is capturing the words printed on the screen along with the melody. This DVD helps new readers focus on text, identify sight words, and more.

I am so encouraged when I stumble upon educational material that is simple, profound, and entertaining for my kids. I had never heard of Hap Palmer before receiving this DVD and have now become a huge fan! It's no wonder he's received so many honors and taught classes and workshops for prestigious education associations. Kudos to the team!

Do you have a little one who is finally old enough for small doses of
tv time? I remember that period of life. Frankly, part of me was excited to introduce the television because I was so desperate for something that could hold Darah's attention for 5 solid minutes (and at first, that's how long she would watch before wandering off!). On the flip side, I wanted to make sure that what she was watching wasn't complete and total garbage. And finding quality programming for little ones can be surprisingly difficult!

As I type this, Darah is downstairs watching a DVD that I would highly recommend to parents of toddlers and preschoolers. It is from the celebrated children's singer Hap Palmer, and it's called Read & Sing with Hap Palmer. Basically, this DVD is a collection of songs that are brought to live with illustrations and photographs (but not with live motion). I actually prefer still images for younger kids, as it doesn't overwhelm them as quickly. The songs are catchy and the words are provided on the page, to help with sight reading and vocabulary skills.

Darah frequently asks to watch her "singing DVD" and I feel confident that Layah will enjoy watching this when she is old enough, as well. Since the DVD is broken up into 12 songs, it is easy to pause the program and take a break from watching television after just a few minutes.– Tiffany, October 5, 2012

For more than three generations, Hap Palmer, has been entertaining
children through music. Read & Sing with Hap Palmer presents
twelve favorites that bring together musical pictures and song lyrics to
encourage and motivate youngsters from ages 4 to 9 to read and sing.

My favorite songs are "Down By The Bay" and "What Do The Animals
Say?". "Down By The Bay" features a fun watermelon icon that bounces on each word during the chorus of the song. I wonder which songs would be your favorites? I would like to encourage you to learn more about Hap Palmer and of his products that help children enjoy learning through the joy of music.

Ideal for youngsters ages 4-9, Read & Sing with Hap Palmer: Musical
Picture Books for Young Children is a DVD containing twelve beloved
songs by children's musician Hap Palmer, brought to life with colorful
illustrations and photographs, and designed to encourage young people to read and sing aloud. An exuberant, upbeat way to help children start identifying sight words and increase their vocabulary, Read & Sing with Hap Palmer is highly recommended for gift giving and for public library children's collections. The picturebook-songs are "Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me", "What A Miracle", "Down By The Bay", "The Mice Go Marching", "What Do The Animals Say?", "The Clown Song", "Growing", "Backwards Land", "Teddy Bear Ball", "Witches' Brew", "One Little Sound", and "We're On Our Way".

Get in the Groove with Education Fun From Hap Palmer
I am a firm believer that children learn from movement and songs.
Combine the two and it's a teacher's dream. Or at least to this teacher.
My students have sang the days of the week to the tune from the
Adams family, learned the months of the year line dance, learned
prepositions from a classic rock song and more. My daughter still does the hand motions when "The Preposition Song" comes on the radio.

Hap Palmer has been one of my favorite performers to use in the early
grades. I have several of his CD's that I've used in the classroom and
with my own kids. His latest release, Read & Sing with Hap Palmer, ups the ante with the Musical Picture Books for Young Children. This CD features twelve songs. When loaded onto a computer, the CD will
provide pictures and words as the song plays. All of this his songs teach basic learning skills.

One of my favorites is "Down By The Bay", featuring musical instruments like a harp, tuba, and viola. It's a great introduction to the orchestra. "One Little Sound", another favorite, shows the difference removing one letter (sound) from a word can make. The illustrations are clear and colorful and will capture a young child's attention. This one would be a fun CD to use in the car when running errands. – Review by Pam

1. Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me
2. What A Miracle
3. Down By The Bay
4. The Mice Go Marching
5. What Do The Animals Say?
6. The Clown Song
7. Growing
8. Backwards Land
9. Teddy Bear Ball
10. Witches' Brew
11. One Little Sound
12. We're On Our Way