Rhythms on Parade

Revised Extended Version

Twenty four lively songs introduce the joy of rhythm with the
revised expanded version of this popular recording. Children
explore basic musical concepts as they move and sing. While
developing musical skills, they also improve skills in language,
math, fine and gross motor coordination and auditory
discrimination. In addition, these songs contain a variety of playful images which stimulate children's creative and imaginative powers. For extra fun, children can use rhythm instruments such as wood blocks, sticks, bells, tambourines, and maracas. A guide with song lyrics and activities is included. Ages 3-8

Product Number: HP102E


• Parents' Choice Gold Award
• National Parenting Publications Award


Parents' Choice Award Issue
Hap Palmer, the dean of movement songs and rhyming rhythms presents an expanded version of his clever, action-packed album. Stimulating both imagination and movement, these 24 original songs are packed with kid- pleasing commands - "The mice go marching quietly by, Shh! Shh!.....The mighty monster marches by, Kaboom! Kaboom!....Beat a drum, click your tongue ..." Palmer also encourages tapping, shaking, ringing and clapping in songs such as Switch on the Music, and Bean Bag Shake, Homemade Band includes simple instrument-making instructions, and each song comes with suggestions for alternative play.

Rhythms on Parade, a revised and expanded version of an earlier album, is one of Palmer's most inspired collections. Catchy tunes encourage kids to sing, play, and march along, while Palmer skillfully uses pitch, tempo, and rhythm to reinforce his lyrics. In "Roller Coaster," for instance, tempo and pitch vary to conjure an image of a roller coaster slowly climbing a hill and then rushing down the other side. Palmer sounds comfortable using a wide variety of sounds (including a children's chorus, percussion, keyboards, strings, and woodwinds) in a number of styles (ballads, jitterbugs, and country, among others), which should delight most any child. Rhythms on Parade is an easily accessible study of rhythm that will leave both parent and child humming long after the music stops.
-- Tami Horiuchi

Cover - Rhythms on Parade
1. Rhythms On Parade
2. The Mice Go Marching
3. Woodpecker
4. Roller Coaster
5. Jingle Bell Bees
6. Mother Goose Has Rhythmical Rhymes
7. Kris Kringle’s Jingle Bell Band
8. Switch On The Music
9. Five
10. Tap Your Sticks
11. Sounds Around The World
12. Bean Bag Shake
13. Homemade Band
14. Choose An Instrument
15. Country Classics Stop And Start
16. Spreading Rhythm
17. Stuff It In The Closet
18. Slow And Fast
19. Walking Notes
20. Play And Rest
21. Old Mac Donald’s Band
22. I’m A Little Wood Block
23. Stick Dance
24. Choose An Instrument