So Big

Activity Songs for Little Ones

These easy-to-learn activity songs are designed for preschool
and primary grade learners. They tap children's natural desire to move, sing and make-believe. From a tiny chick curled inside an egg, to the vigorous movements of a galloping pony, a full range of images and movement possibilities are explored through words and music. Children clap, stamp, turn, reach, fall, throw, catch, bend, twist, crawl, walk, hop, run and jump as they develop movement skills, imaginative powers and a deeper understanding of language, math and science concepts. In short the whole
child is involved!

Each song is repeated in an instrumental version. Once children have learned a song, they can sing along without hearing the words. The instrumentals have a soft melody line to act as a guide without overpowering the children’s voices. The instrumentals also provide opportunities for choice making, problem solving and creativity. Children choose the things they would like to pretend, make up their own words and create their own movements. They then sing and move using their ideas. Ages 2-5

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Parents' Choice
If ever a songwriter knew how to speak in music to young children, it's the "Babysongs" man himself, Hap Palmer. Here is a new treasure trove of original songs that get preschoolers and elementary school children hopping. dancing, clapping and singing. They can pretend along with “Baby Chickie” – "Peck, chickie, peck, stretch out your neck, Squirm about and shake each leg...Until you crack the shell and break the egg". They can move like “Five Little Monkeys” or learn about counting in “Ten Wiggle Worms”. Each tune is repeated in an instrumental version with more suggestions for learning and fun. -- Parents’ Choice Gold Award

1. (16) So Happy You’re Here
2. (17) Five Little Monkeys
3. (18) I’m A Pretzel
4. (19) So Big
5. (20) Rock And Roll Freeze Dance
6. (21) Baby Chickie
7. (22) When I’m Down I Get Up And Dance
8. (23) Ten Wiggle Worms
9. Ten Wiggle Worms II
10. (24) Jack In The Box
11. (25) Growing
12. (26) Bluegrass Jamboree
13. (27) Teddy Bear Playtime
14. (28) Put Your Hands Up In The Air
15. (29) Big Things Come From
Little Things You Do

Numbers in parenthesis ( )
are instrumentals of songs