This is one of the best teaching web sites I've ever seen!!! Wish I had looked for it years ago...such a great help in planning!!! Now I'm ready for next year without taking all the old records and CDs home....

Thank you for music children love, and teachers too!!!

Nancy Burton

As a second grade teacher, I just want to say that I LOVE your album Count, Add, Subtract and the activities. I’ve never seen such great songs and activities for math all in one place like this before. You are incredibly talented and gifted. You know what kids like and you know how to creatively put these somewhat difficult concepts into words (songs) and great activities. Kudos to you, Hap Palmer!

Thank you!

Lisa Radulovich
Dear Hap,
On behalf of our family and thousands of Thai students over the years that have learned and benefited from your music, I would like to extend a wholehearted thank you sir.
You are truly a genius. The lyrics, content, and overall fun factor of your songs are impeccable. They are perfectly appropriate for children and make the world a better place.

We are forever filled with gratitude. You really are the best at what you do. My hope is
that this message brightens your day as your music has brightened so many of ours.
We love you.

Mr. Michael McClelland
Kindergarten Teacher
Bangkok, Thailand

Hi Hap,
I found your email on your website and wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all of the amazing memories that your music has given to me. I am now 25 years old, married, and just graduated from college and started my first job.

Today while I was at work, I had a random memory from my childhood pop into my head. I was 3 years old, sitting on the couch in my living room in Brownsville, TX watching a VHS tape called "Baby Songs" while it was raining outside. I was specifically listening to the song "Mommy Comes Back." This memory has such powerful emotions tied to it as I remember how I always felt when my mom would come back and pick me up from daycare or from my friend's house. I pulled up the song on Youtube and had tears come to my eyes as I thought about how much I love my mom and how special she is to me.

I also remember many of your other songs that have such a special place in my heart. I am sure that there are tens of thousands of kids my age that still remember the wonderful music you've made. Anyway, I hope you are healthy and well amidst this pandemic. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your music and the memories I have from it. Such bright happy memories of the easy days as a kid. I'll be sure to have my kids listen to them as well.

Thanks Hap,

James Schulte

Hi, Mr. Palmer,
I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how much Baby Songs meant to my 3 daughters growing up. They are 21, 17 and 14 now, but they still remember some of them. The 14-year-old was talking about My Mommy Comes Back a few days ago. They all love music and I can't help but think that it had something to do with listening to your great music over the years. Anyway, take care and best wishes from North Carolina.

Karen Moskowitz

Dear Hap,

I wanted to write and thank you for, honestly, a lifetime of wonderful memories with "Baby Songs." I was born in 1987 and grew up watching and loving "Baby Songs." My daughter is nearly 2, and I recently introduced her to the original video (which we own on DVD), and she is as obsessed as I was. She even acts out her favorite scenes -- pulling the blanket to reveal her toes during "Piggy Toes," putting on her pink shoes during "Baby's Good Doggy," and dragging a blanket around during "Security." It is so special to be able to share something that was -- and still is -- an important part of my childhood and to see her take so much joy in the music. Hearing her sing "yes yes yes!" along with "So Big" makes me incredibly happy and proud.

Thank you for the terrific music that stands the test of time. My family wouldn't be the same without it.

Your multigenerational fans,

Rachel and Talia
Hi Hap,

This is a fan letter. I used all your albums with my teaching the very young.... Now I am retired & my baby granddaughter & I still love your work! Your voice is smooth & soothing. My daughter said your voice is hypnotic! You are fabulously talented, creative, & innovative & u have blessed so many! Thank you for your musical games. My students had so much fun & learned so much from you! They never were bored & always asked for more. The delight on their faces will never be forgotten. Your work enriched so many.

Thank you, thank you & God bless you & yours,

Valerie Johnson

Mr. Palmer-

I would like to thank you for the decades of learning, entertainment, joy and happiness you have provided for me and my family.

Starting in 1976, one of my earliest memories was the arrival of a new album titled "Getting To Know Myself" in my kindergarten room. At the prompting of her students, my teacher played songs from it almost every day. "Sammy" and the other songs from that album have stuck with me ever since. In fact, I still proudly own a vinyl copy of it from my youth!

About 19 years ago, when my first daughter was born, I found a VHS tape at a yard sale titled "Baby Songs." I was not aware that it was one of your videos but when we played it for her, I immediately recognized your familiar and comforting voice with the first verse of the "Baby Songs" theme! My daughter's love for the "Baby Songs" video…and its ability to calm and engage her in just about any situation…prompted me to seek out more of them.

With the birth of 3 more children, I purchased copies of your "Baby Songs" series on DVD. All of my other children have shared the same love for them that my first daughter did. In fact, my youngest is 5 years old and she STILL enjoys watching them! I look forward to sharing them with my future grandchildren as well.

I just thought you might appreciate knowing this and the fact that your legacy of educational and imaginative music will live on for many years to come in my family!


David Haight
Whitewater, WI
Dear Hap,

Your work is stellar and so appropriate. We saw the humor in it and loved it!

Moreover, you were very influential in our parenting style and your music, humor, wit, and creativity have influenced our daughter as well. We adopted our daughter as an infant from China. She not only was medically fragile, she was fragile in spirit as well. The ratio of workers to babies in her orphanage was 1:45. As a result, our daughter suffered from failure to thrive because there were simply not enough workers to go around. As a result, she became extremely anxious to normal American stimuli. And as a result of not being held as an infant, she could not lay her head on our shoulder while we held or rocked her. She was as stiff as a board.

For 3.5 years I kept rocking her to "Baby Songs Goodnight" and "Baby Animals", and singing your songs plus "Mommy Comes Back". One glorious day, she laid her head on my shoulder. You were directly responsible for her recovery. She is now a well-adjusted 17-year old who, herself, is very creative, a prolific writer, and budding chemist. She is also, like you, extremely compassionate and intuitive.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my heart for having the courage to be a singular, purposeful artist who intuitively knows that gentle words, stories, and music are exactly what babies and children need.

Very respectfully,

Nancy Clark

My son Ryan is 32 yrs old. Almost 3 months ago he and his wife had their first child. My son grew up on your videos starting with BABY SONGS. TURN ON THE MUSIC was his favorite. 

Anyway I really didn't have a clue what these videos meant to him, nor did he, I believe.  That is until his son was born. My grandson’s name is Maclin. At 6 weeks old my son Ryan borrowed the VCR and videos and has been playing them and singing along to Maclin. Maclin doesn't stay attentive for too long yet, but when his Dad pops them in and sings along Mac wiggles all over. He loves when his Dad sings along to them.  

I just wanted to Thank you for the video's that have implemented goodness, manners and simplicity in my son and now following is the next generation in my family. I am not the most literate when it comes to sending pictures or I would include the most precious picture of my grandson laying next to his Dad on the bed, Maclin's head tilted in towards his Dads, smiling as his Dad sings one of your songs.

Sometimes it's nice to know what your talent/gift of music has done for others, even 32 yrs. later. I believe in letting people know. So again, THANK YOU.  


Dawn Notarpole


I just wanted to write you a little note and let you know that not only did I love your songs as a kid, but I continue to enjoy them to this day.  I watched Baby Songs and Turn on the Music all the time when I was a child.  I'm 26 now and have been going through some difficult times the past couple of years, but on days when I'm feeling stressed, down, or overwhelmed I like to take some time to myself and listen to the songs from those videos.  The melodies take me back to a simpler, happier time in my life and your voice is so soothing!  I look forward to sharing your songs with any future children I may have.

Thank you for brightening my days,

Amy Wohlitz
I just wanted to write and say how pleased we are with our recent purchase of the download of Multiplication Mountain. My son LOVES singing and recalling the songs. He has so much more confidence with his math now. As a homeschooler I am always looking for great products and will recommend this to my friends. The songs are catchy and not too weird or babyish.

Thanks again.

God Bless,

Allison Barraco
Mr. Palmer,

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to say how much I appreciate you and your work. I have been working with young children for many years; I first learned of your music in the late 70's. Tonight as I was working on lesson plans for the coming month and researching music to go along with it, I got to wondering why I have never written to you and thanked you for all your work and your investment in the lives of so many through your music. I hope that you realize just how much you do mean to the children, their teachers and parents.

May many blessings come your way this year, Happy New Year!

Sandy O'Daniel
Good morning Hap Palmer!

I just wanted to tell you thank you for the music you produce! My son has special needs, more specifically suffers from a rare neurological disorder, Angelman Syndrome. They play your "Getting to Know Me" album at school, and his teacher sent it home. Joshua has many sensory issues and usually does not like to listen to music, but loves your CD, especially the song "Feelings." It has really helped him and needless to say I know have memorized every song, we listen to it all the time! It has been very calming for him, and it is the first time I have ever seen him sit down and concentrate on something for so long! That is truly a miracle in itself, your music speaks to him. Thank you so much and God Bless! ;-)

Donna and Joshua, Missouri
Dear Mr. Palmer,

My name is Janice Sutherland. In 1977 I was put in charge of a small group of pre-schoolers with nothing but a record player and a Hap Palmer album. It was a lifesaver. Almost 40 years later I still have that album plus others. I realized that I've been listening to your beautiful voice and singing along for a very long time. You've brought joy and music to so many children.

This is my last year of teaching and I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done. You have been wonderful part of my life.

Janice Sutherland
T-K teacher
Placerville, California

Hi Mr. Palmer,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful songs and all the Baby Songs videos! I watched them when I was a small child and now my own children love them just as much! They truly are wonderful songs and, as a parent, I am so impressed with how well you understand children. You write so convincingly from their point of view and mindset!

(As an aside, you should have seen my own mother's face when she realized that I remembered all the words to "Finger Foods" from 20+ years ago... hilarious.)

Again, thank you so much for all you do!

Siobhan McKearney

Dear Mr. Hap Palmer,

I am truly delighted to see that I can email you directly, to say I'm a fan is an understatement! I hope I can adequately express my utmost admiration and how thankful I am for all of your love and dedication to children and their development.

When I was young my mother got the baby songs vhs tapes for me and over the years we wore them out! My favorite song was "Watch a witchy whiz" which I'm sad to say I can't find anywhere! When I was 18 my parents adopted a beautiful baby girl and we went on the search for baby songs on dvd! She loved them! Now ten years later my daughter enjoys them & for Christmas is receiving "baby's busy day" the only one we didn't own already.

Your songs are fun, entertaining, and perfect for teaching! I plan to homeschool my children and incorporate your work into our routine. I was singing some of the songs just from memory while pregnant!

Thank you so very, very much. You are a household name here in Iowa! The comfort from your songs are dear to my heart. I see my child instantly calm down when she hears your voice and words and I too find relief in the positivity of them. "My baby" and "My mommy comes back" are sung almost daily!

I hope you are well and merry and have a very happy holiday season!! Thank you again and may you receive all the good vibrations we send your way!!

Chantel Conner

Dear Hap,

We recently checked out "Can Cockatoos Count by Twos" from one of the many branches of our public library. Although I have five children, my youngest is just 9, and was born with Down syndrome, and we have been working hard on words and numbers this summer. He is just a wonderful kid and has many strengths. He needs lots of extra work on the basics, and I have found your cd to be a lovely thing to play while we drive around this summer.

Thank you for creating such wonderful music. So many of the cds we check out from the library are rejected by my son, and it has been neat to see how enthusiastic he is about the songs on Cockatoos.

I hope you are having a great summer. We are.

Thank you.
Susan Taylor

Dear Hap,

Just today I was walking in the farmers market in Berkeley and for some reason you song 'The Elephant moves very slowly' popped into my head. A song I have not heard since I was in Kindergarten. I am now 39 years old and could still remember most of the lyrics but not all of them. So I searched the internet and bam there it was. Upon hearing it, my skin raised with joy and it made me want to run around the room swaying my arms wildly in front of me. It is amazing how such simple moments from childhood can be carried so far in time. Thanks for that.

Brian Meehan

I do want to tell you Thanks!

I'm a 42 year old dad from Eastern Washington state. Many years ago, I took my
daughter Amanda to the local library, where we checked out "We're On Our Way"
(on cassette). This was nearly 15 years ago. We listened to that cassette over and
over in the early '90's, and all those priceless songs have stuck with us over
the years.

Today, Amanda is nineteen years old and preparing to give birth to her first chlld,
my first grandchild. I remembered your name in the archives of my mind over all
the years. Now that I'm going to be a "Pappy", I want my grandchild to enjoy the
precious, beautiful music you shared with Amanda and myself. It almost brings
tears to my eyes to recall the wonderful times I experienced learning from my
daughter, as we played, traveled, and laughed together, while listening to your
music. I did a simple "google" search on the internet and was pleasantly surprised
to see the vast music offerings you provide, via I ordered "We're On
Our Way" CD, which will be wrapped as a Christmas present under the tree
this year.

Thanks for the memories Hap!! You've created a legacy. The world needs more
great people like you!

Thanks again.
Lenny Chase

Dear Mr. Palmer,

My daughter, Loris, is now 3 years old. She was born with a cataract in her left
eye and I was very worried about her eyesight. She showed absolutely no interest
in any television, which normally parents would be happy about, but I was
worried that she couldn't see. When I found your DVD at the Libary with Baby
Songs - Baby's Busy Day, she watched it and wanted to watch it all the time.
I finally gained confidence that she could see even with her vision disability. You
have no idea what your songs do for her. She loves all of them. Since then, we
have purchased several of the Baby Songs DVD's and we enjoy them. We watch
them all the time and I don't even grow old of them. I always notice something
new and love your music most of all.

We went to our ophthalmologist about 4 weeks ago, and Loris is supposed to be
20/400 in her eye which had the cataract. But because I patch her stronger eye,
and because she is using her eye more (especially to watch your dvd's and listen
to your music), she was determined to have 20/30 vision in her "special" eye.
Thank you for everything you have done.

If you ever come to Northern Virginia to do a concert, we would love to see you.
If you need someone to sponsor you or a location for such a concert, I would be
able to assist you. My daughter, Loris, would love to see you and listen to your
music live.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you do. I truly believe your music and
DVD's helped Loris with her vision. You have definitely affected our lives VERY

Best regards & love from:
Stella & my daughter Loris

Dear Hap,

I remembered your song Witches Brew from when I was in Elementary school
and decided to look for it to use with my second grade students. I found and
downloaded (thanks to Songs for Teaching!) the entire album. Today we used your
song and not only had a blast singing but made up our own lyrics too!Here are the
three verses we came up with incase you ever want to expand your song!

Pumpkin guts, cigarette butts, caterpillars too...
Cat's head, pencil lead, squirrels blood too...
bat's wings, guitar strings, cow brain too...
steering wheel, banana peel, toads legs too...

It's truly amazing how creative 7 and 8 year olds can be when they are enjoying
their learning experience. Thanks for writing such wonderful music!

Cara Liberty

I'm a children's librarian in Aurora, Illinois, and have used so much of your music
in my storytimes through the years. But the song I have to thank you the most for is
your version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the middle part you added, using
the quotation from Shakespeare, "Silver bow new bent in heaven." It grabbed me
when I first heard it, in part because my daughter teaches Shakespeare to college students.

I end all of my storytimes with two songs, yours and Sharon, Lois and Bram's
version of Skinnamarink. When storytime is drawing to a close, I turn out the lights
(we have ropes of white Christmas lights still on), I turn on my twinkle star (a wand that flashes on and off) and everyone puts their hands up, making the stars twinkle.
I have everyone do this -- kids, moms, dads, grandparents, anyone who is in
storytime. I have done this for years so we have many kids in Aurora, from babies
on up, who know what it means when I put my hands up.

But the most important part of all of this is what that song has meant to people.
So many people tell me that they sing it each night. One father, a large and comic gentleman (he was probably the class clown when he was in high school), came
to me and said, "I cannot thank you enough for teaching us that song." His son had major surgery in St. Louis and was in the hospital for weeks. They sang that song
every night.

Then, a little over a year ago, I did the usual "Twinkle" ending at my storytime for
two year olds. Nate and his mom, a former librarian where I work, were there and
Nate stopped running around as soon as I turned the lights out and put his fists up
in the air so he could "twinkle." That evening, Nate drowned in a pond near his apartment. His mom asked me to sing "Twinkle" at his funeral. So I took my star
wand, stood up in front of all those people, and we sang your version of "Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star." That was one of the hardest, yet most beautiful, things I have
ever done. Nate has a new little brother now, Noah, who is 4 months old so I am teaching it to him at the baby storytime.

Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me, and so many people,
with your music.

Barbara Wilkins
Eola Branch Children's Reference

Dear Mr. Palmer,

As the parent of a six year old autistic boy, I had to share with you how much your
music videos have inspired, moved and taught my child. His name is Max, and he
is undoubtedly one of the sweetest and smartest little boys on the face of this earth.

Max has been watching your videos for years, starting with "Baby Songs" and
moving on up. Through the enjoyment of your music he has learned letters,
numbers, colors, shapes, animals, action words, imitation games, days of the week
and lots more. He is even learning how to read with his current favorite, "Stepping
Out." But most importantly, your uniquely personal approach has allowed him to
feel the staggering, inexpressible joy of song and all the love that is the essence of
your videos.

There are no words to describe the look on Max's face as he tries to sing along
with you and the children. He loves it, becomes part of the group, as if you were
all in our home. You have helped give him a voice, a sense of self, and more
happiness and smiles than I can tell you.

On behalf of all of the Moms and Dads whose world you are a part of, I am
eternally grateful.

Suda Handelman

I have loved Hap Palmer for so many years. He is one of THE BEST singers &
songwriters for children (& grown-ups!) who ever existed. I love him to pieces!
My daycare kids love them, too, of course. They are so fun to sing & dance to, &
listen to again & again.

Sometimes I hear children's music that is so bad, it just makes me cringe. Then I
listen to "Teddy Took A Train Ride" or "Zany Zoo", (songs I've heard a hundred
billion times), & I am still amazed at how clever, brilliant, & catchy they are!
How do you come up with them all? How long does it take to write & record a
song like "Growing" or "The Mice Go Marching" (2 more of my favorites)?
How many people are involved in the whole process from start to finish? I am
simply in awe of you, & have been, for approximately 15 years. I'll be 40-years-
old in a few months, but your music makes me feel like I'm four!

Meredith Troy

Have you ever thought about a song that you heard in kindergarten? Remembered
a few bars of the music? A line or two of the lyrics, but the rest elude you? I had
that happen with the song Colors, by Hap Palmer. In 1976 my kindergarten teacher
played that song for the class. Almost 30 years later, my wife and I are raising our
own son. We've got the standard compliment of songs to sing, but sometimes
during the car ride home I would run out of songs to sing for my son. I remembered,
"Colors, Colors, you see them all around. There is red on the stop sign, green on
the trees, blue in the sky and sea." Then I would repeat that fifty times or so because
that's all that I could remember. After all, it has been almost 30 years since I last
heard the song, but it has long been a favorite of mine. Talk about a haunting tune!!

Today, on a whim, I Googled those lyrics. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the
first hit took me right to Hap Palmer's official web site. Now I had no recollection
that Hap Palmer was the guy who wrote and sang this stuff - I mean hey, I was
only 5 years old - but listening to the sample mp3 brought me back to a warm
kindergarten room with a wall of windows, the scent of colored clay, small chairs,
and a wash of other memories. For a moment I was transported back to those
wonderful days of childhood bliss. Once there, I could remember an unbelievable
amount of details - not just school; but home, my friends and family at the time,
and all sorts of special times I enjoyed in my youth.

I plan to share the joy of this music with my son. He'll get his own memories of
singing with mom and dad, and whatever other sensory imprints of the time and
place he might develop. I hope that his memories of this song and the times that
we have with him singing and playing are forever engrained in his memory as
wonderful moments in his fantastic life.

My brief jaunt down memory lane has left me longing to give my son everything
wonderful that youth has to offer. Thanks for making this music (and these
memories) available. Who knows? Perhaps in another 30 or 35 years my son will
be searching for a copy of that mysterious song of his youth. Sure, the format will
be some media we've never heard of, but I'm that the song will endure. Or he can
just have my CD and play it with a silly grin as he thinks about the archaic CD
format and wonder how the heck dad ever made do with such basic media, all the
while singing Colors.

Jason M.
A Hap Palmer fan since 1976

Dear Mr. Palmer:

I received your cd last week! i was so happy I listened and I use it right away in
my classes. Japanese children enjoy a lot and so do I. I really admire your music,
I am a musician as well too and I notice you use high quality tech, and lots of live
instruments! I will order more of your music soon for sure!

Thank you and nice working with you.

Maria Kawasaki

Your music is such a part of my family and my classroom. I have a 3 year old and
a 19 month old who walk around with a teddy bear on their heads to ask for
"Teddy Bear Playtime." My First Grade Students love all of the learning songs and
it is the perfect way to start math or reading to relax them and show them that
learning is full of fun.

Carol Veravanich
OC Register Columnist and First Grade Teacher

Hi Hap,

I'm Dan. I listened to your music a lot when I was growing up and when my brother and sister were young too. My family had Turn On The Music on VHS. My sister is two years younger than me and my brother is four years younger than me. My brother, David, is non verbal autistic.

I didn't like the beginning because of the balloons that floated away from the kids in the opening. I thought it was so sad that those balloons were going away forever from some kids that really loved them. Funny how little kids think huh?

I hope you know that your music really made me feel good as a little kid. When David was diagnosed; my parents told us that we were going to grow up faster than our friends. I knew something was different between my family and other families, but I eventually figured it out.

Grown ups like you, Mr. Rogers and my Grandpa Fred were the grown ups in my life that told me it was ok to be a little kid. It was alright to feel upset when things didn't go your way. To wonder what it was like to fly, what our Dad's were like when they were little and more. It may sound funny now, but I remember the thought of going down the drain with the bath water being a big concern for me when I was little.

More kids need grown ups like you Hap. I hope one day I get to have a son like the little boy in your song "When Daddy Was a Little Boy". I want him to have parents, grandparents and a family that loves him just for being him. I want him to have lots of friends to grow up with and play with. I want him to know that it's ok to feel sad, mad or worried and that someone will be there to lend a hug and some kind words. Most of all; I want him to be happy in the way I wasn't as a little boy.

I should let you go Hap. Thank you for everything you've done for me. One day I hope I can share you with my children.

Dan Czuchra


I am Kim Hughes-Baus, I am an early childhood educator who wishes to send you a big "thank you" for your music that makes learning fun! I was first introduced to your Learning Basic Skills Through Music series when I was a Head Start teacher in the 1980's. I have been using the musical lessons ever since!

I feel that the music experience, which your style promotes, is especially important now because it involves the children - INVOLVES children - in movement and hands on activities. Over the years I have watched children develop an addiction to computers and now other electronic devices. Some of the skills involved may be fine to a certain extent, however, too many children become limited in their play and learning experience because they are constantly "reliving" the games from the screen in their head and actions. A form of imagination, yes, yet different. This type of behavior often distracts them from what is happening at the moment - getting in the way of paying attention to the basic skills that they need to know to build on their future education.

When I use the musical lessons you have developed I notice a change in the level of learning the children are achieving. As they move and think at the same time I note a different expression. Children appear as though they are actually "present" in the games/activities opposed to having a "distant gaze" when they are looking at a screen or "replaying" what they have seen on screen. I tell the children that I can see that their brain is "sparkling" when I notice that they are truly immersed in learning!

As I continue to teach our future, I will keep your music at my side so that I may engage the children in their learning in real physical time and space using actual imagination to take them to their highest abilities!

Blessings of music and love,

Kim Hughes-Baus
Spearfish, South Dakota

Dear Mr. Hap Palmer,

Sorry for randomly messaging you, but I wanted to send a thank you message for being a good part of my young childhood. I was born in 1999, and when I was really little, all my siblings and I had to watch was whatever VHS tapes our parents got us. I absolutely loved music and sing along songs when I was little, and your versions of songs is what my mind went to whenever I thought about little kid songs growing up. (It irritated little me growing up that no one else knew the 'other parts' of Itsy Bitsy Spider that made it better, the lyrics that you added, since no one besides my sister would understand what I was referencing.) Even original songs that I loved as a kid sometimes randomly got stuck in my head like Little Chickie. (Can you tell that Baby Songs Animals was the VHS that survived the longest?) We admittedly had the tapes kept around for a lot of my childhood because my little autistic brother loves music, and even though it annoyed me when I got older, I look back fondly at the memories. I think it was middle school when the last of the VHS's ended up breaking, my brother enjoyed taking things apart and didn't understand the consequences of that. Since the virus that is going on is keeping lots of people at home, since I have less hours working I've been thinking about my childhood a lot. It took a long time to find, since "Happy Little Baby Songs" was all I remembered and looking stuff like that up gets you just generic things, but i'm glad I managed to eventually stumble across Wikipedia which helped me find your website which eventually I found your youtube. It's 3:30 in the morning when I am writing this and since i'm getting nostalgic randomly I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for my childhood.

Hope this brought a smile to your face and that you are doing well in these crazy times.

Jessica Adams

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