Turn On The Music

Celebrate the ten year anniversary of Hap Palmer’s “Turn On The Music” with the expanded version this Parent's Choice Gold award winning recording. Formerly a compilation of eleven songs drawn from two recordings – “Backwards Land” and “Zany Zoo”, this expanded version contains all the songs from these recordings plus the “Turn On The Music” theme song.

With a total of twenty-one selections (over 57 minutes of music) the expanded version of “Turn On The Music” is two great recordings in one value packed CD. Share with children the excitement of language and help them improve word comprehension and powers of imagination with these lively lyrics and memorable melodies. The songs are written from a child’s point of view, what a child wishes, feels and imagines. The lyrics deal in a thoughtful and humorous way with the joys, challenges and conflicts children experience in their growing years. A booklet with lyrics, activities, and questions to encourage interaction between children and adults comes with each CD.

Product Number: HP150E


Parents' Choice Gold Award
Hap Palmer probably has one of the smoothest, most comforting voices in all of children's music. Combined with classy production, intelligent wordplay and keen, gentle humor it makes his work a multi Parent's Choice Award winner. Palmer chips away at gender barriers with songs like "Francie Had A Football"; sheds light on the consequences of irresponsibility in "Amanda Schlupp"; and slips in a encouraging word about self confidence in "You Can Do It": "When you swing and miss remember that/ soon you'll get another chance to bat." Good advice for any age. -- Parents' Choice Vol.12, No.3 Award Issue

Hap Palmer’s aesthetic is a strongly educational one. That said, he rarely is dogmatic. Instead, he makes a strong case for the physical enactment of songs--that is, the involvement of kids through games and sing-alongs. “Turn on the Music” began as a video of the same name and here lives on quite successfully as a series of 21 songs that pivot on the funniness of reversed meanings (”Backwards Land”), unconditional acceptance of other kids (”Francie Had A Football”), and workaday thrills around the house (”Helping Mommy In The Kitchen”). In the accompanying liner booklet there's a great map of the CD and suggested activities, with rules of games and ideas for extending the educational mission of the songs well beyond the CD. Palmer’s got an ingenious idea for educating kids, and it shows here as well as anywhere in his catalog of releases. -- Andrew Bartlett

Cover - Turn On The Music
1. Turn On The Music
2. Backwards Land
3. If I Had Wings
4. When Things Don’t Go Your Way
5. Amanda Schlupp
6. Clown Song
7. Hurry Up Blues
8. Amazing
9. When Daddy Was A Little Boy
10. Francie Had A Football
11. You Can Do It
12. Amos The Alligator Dude
13. Zany Zoo
14. The Summer Slumber Party
15. Billy Blotsky’s Birthday Bash
16. Friends
17. Helping Mommy In The Kitchen
18. Chomping Gum
19. Halloween Hanukkah
Christmas Ghost
20. Teddy Bear Ball
21. Turn On The Music