We're On Our Way

Explore the big wide world in song with this musical tribute to childhood and imagination. Take a trip to the library to meet story book friends, dance around the grocery store with Tina and her tap shoes, float to the park in a hot air balloon or bounce around the forest with a jolly bear name “Freddy Fuzzywizz”. Roll down the highway in an eighteen wheel truck then accompany a teddy bear on a trip from a factory to your birthday party. There are plenty of adventures right at home too. Swing on a swing, play in the mud or learn to brush your teeth with a good natured tiger.

Product Number: HP106


• Parents' Choice Award
• National Parenting Publications Gold Award


Parent's Choice
Teddy bears, tooth brushes, trips to the library - the subjects of these eleven songs are long on child-appeal and near and dear to parents' hearts. A varitey of styles keeps the album fresh and fun, from the 40’s swing-band sound of “Tiger With A Toothbrush”, to a boogie-woogie “Teddy Took A Train Ride”, to a country western “Truck Driver’s Song”. Several are truly inspired: “Tina Took Her Tap Shoes” manages to rhyme “soft shoe” with “tofu”, while “Partytime In The Mud” could send young and old alike out to get down and dirty. A production for parents and children to listen and relate to with pleasure.

For Home Video
Buckle up and take a ride all over town with Hap Palmer. From rolling in a stroller to traveling by train with a teddy bear, this new collection of the best traveling songs will keep you and your child in motion.

Cover - We're On Our Way
1. We’re On Our Way
2. At The Library
3. Rolling
4. Mrs. McFritter
5. Teddy Took A Train Ride
6. Tiger With A Toothbrush
7. Truck Driver‘s Song
8. Things We Like To Do
9. Tina Took Her Tap Shoes
10. Swinging
11. Party Time In The Mud
12. Drivin’ Down The Highway
13. Freddy Fuzzywizz
14. We’re On Our Way (Reprise)