Songs for Young Children

Early Childhood

A joyful collection of all
time favorite activity
songs with a new twist...
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A giant treasury of Hap's
best loved tunes from
the Baby Songs video
series...Read more

So Big

Easy-to-learn activity
songs tap young
children's natural desire
to move, sing, and make
believe...Read more

Getting To Know

These songs teach body
awareness and promote
positive self-image...
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Songs for Learning Through Music & Movement

Rhythms On Parade

24 lively songs
introducing the joy of
rhythm...Read more

Can A Cherry Pie
Wave Goodbye?

New Updated Version!
Fun music and
movements teach about
colors, numbers, days of
the week, body
awareness...Read more

Can A Jumbo Jet Sing
The Alphabet

The joy of moving
generates enthusiasm in
learning about numbers,
shapes, cultural
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Can Cockatoos
Count By Twos?

Imaginative lessons in
basic skills of math,
vocabulary, and phonics
through the magic of
song...Read more

Witches' Brew

A pot full of songs for oral
language development and
singing fun...Read more

Learning Basic Skills
Through Music
Volume I

Hap's first recording in
1969 for young children...
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Learning Basic Skills
Through Music
Volume II

A companion to Volume I
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Learning Basic Skills
Through Music

Easy to understand
repetitive lyrics
and arrangements
for preschool, etc ...
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Walter The Waltzing

Children develop basic
movement skills
and expand their
comprehension of the
English language...
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Sally The
Swinging Snake

A companion to Walter the
Waltzing Worm
, children
continue to develop basic
movement skills and
expand language
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Learning In Two
Aprendiendo en dos

Hap's new bilingual
recordiing makes it fun to
learn in English and
Spanish...Read more

Divirt√°monos Aprendiendo/
Let's Have Fun Learning
con Hap Palmer

New Bilingual Edition!
Hap Palmer sings
Spanish and English versions...Read more

Fun with Phonics and Numbers

Count, Add, Subtract!

Who knew math could
be such fun! A colorful
variety of musical styles
make basic addition
and subtraction facts
easy to learn....
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Multiplication Mountian

Children learn the
multiplication tables in a
fun and easy way. They
start at the bottom of the
mountian...Read more

Singing Multiplication

Music makes learning
the multiplication tables
fun for all students...
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One Little Sound

Phonics and numbers are
presented in a meaningful
context of colorful rhymes
and stories...Read more

Two Little Sounds

Add fun and variety to
reading and math with
these original
compositions and
unique adaptations...
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Quiet Times

Quiet Places

A restful alternative to our
fast-paced electronic age,
with natural sounds of
acoustic instrumentation...

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Sea Gulls

Soothing music for
naptime, storytime, and
slow motion
activities..Read more

A Child's World of

Gentle original songs
combined with lullabies
from many lands...
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Quiet Times

Holiday and Everyday

This is a collection of songs
about holidays throughout the
year combined with songs
about special things that
happen every day.

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We're On Our Way

Buckle up and take a
ride all over town with
this collection of best
travelling songs...
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Turn On The Music

Share with children the
excitement of language,
and help them improve
word comprehension
and powers of
imagination... Read more

Holiday Magic

Original songs and
unique adaptations of
traditional favorites invite
children to move and
sing...Read more

Baby Songs Original -

This is the audio only
sound track to Hap
Palmer's award winning
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This is a richly produced
collection of original
instrumental music
written especially for
movement exploration
and creative
movement activities...
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Fanciful songs that
encourage children
to think and move
creatively....Read more

Hap Palmer Discography...Read more